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I am pleased very much that I could start a new blog in no time in wordpress.com.I am going to utilize the blog for my cherished dream of becoming a writer.I strongly believe that I can, provided I try for it in right earnest.


Daily Prompt: Filthy

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Eschew filthy words!

My Dear Friend,

This is an open letter for you.You are an addict in social media.I hope as soon as I complete this letter and share it in social media, definitely, you will know that this is meant for you.Though you are incorrigible in using filthy words,it is my sincere attempt to mend you at least to some extent.Unlike you,I will see that I will not use a single filthy word against you throughout this letter.In fact,there is absolutely no necessity at all.I know that you have hailed from a humble beginning.You had told me in a choked voice that you are a son of a prostitute and you don’t know who your father was.When you were born,your mother abandoned you at the hospital.Fortunately, yet another prostitute who came to deliver her baby picked up you and you were brought up in a brothel house.I still remember your pathetic story, how you had cried nonstop for a number of days yearning for mother’s milk.You were grown at the mercy of some kind-hearted prostitutes, who even fed you from their breasts.You grew up hearing sexy speeches and filthy words.Somehow you had managed to escape from the brothel house at the age of seven.By that time you had learned a lot of filthy words.Fortunately and accidentally when you joined a home for orphans,your raw behavior continued.You used filthy words rather frequently in your conversation with people.But thanks to the noble soul, I mean,the person who ran the orphanage saved you time and again from the thrashing of others.Thank God, you had successfully completed your school education with flying colors with his support.You were also lucky that a rich lady adopted you as her son at the age of 20.By God’s Grace now you are an engineer in an MNC.I am your colleague.I know that you still use filthy language against your coworkers and you have become a nuisance to them.Now you are under suspension for 15 days.As a close friend, it is my duty to save you from further complications.After all, you have reached this stage by crossing so many hurdles.Don’t worry you will become alright in due course.Before signing off, I want to quote from the world famous Thirukkural:’Using filthy words is just like eating raw and unripened fruits,instead of having the available delicious ripened fruits.’

With due regards.
Your Loving Friend.

What is Clumsy Writing?

When you are more concerned about the quality of your writing and its content, this is for you.You should know what clumsy writing is.It may be even a little bit amusing.The more you know about clumsy writing, the more quality your writing will have and you can be damn sure that your writing is bound to improve.It is just like learning more about a bad character to develop a good character.Learning about clumsy writing means what your writing ought not to be and what your writing ought to be.

Clumsy writing defined:-

Clumsy writing is nothing but writing something rather awkwardly without any skill.Every one of us is acquainted with it.When you write something seriously, your first draft sometimes sucks and looks clumsy.In the case of a beginner or a newbie,his writing will always have a clumsy beginning.A clumsy writing will be lacking in cogency, besides being incoherent,unintelligible and so it will be unable to comprehend.Above all a clumsy writing defies logic and mostly remains incomplete.After all, writing is to read and easy to understand.But clumsy writing negates the very purpose and meaning of writing, whether it is fiction or non-fiction.

Be an avid reader and habitual writer:-

One may wonder whether clumsy writing can be overcome overnight.Definitely not.While clumsy writing being the outcome of a writer lacking adequate skills,the actual solution or remedy lies in equipping the writing skills of a writer.A writer can develop his writing skills by being an avid reader of the writings of skillful writers and write regularly on any topic which interests him.Until a writer becomes more skillful in a particular genre, he has to read as much as possible whatever he comes across.Even then a writer has to keep on reading and writing to get himself updated and to keep in touch with until his last breath to remain a skillful writer forever and to be in the hunt or in demand as a writer.The moment a writer stops the reading habit, he becomes obsolete and loses his market as a writer.Besides, his writings unconsciously become clumsy.

Rewrite, Proofread, and Edit before publishing your writing:-

In order to avoid clumsy writing, a writer has to time and again read his writings leisurely and rewrite them if necessary.Proofreading your writing is a must to remove the elements of clumsy writing.Be in constant touch with a dictionary or a grammar book or when you proofread or edit your writings online, Grammarly will be more useful.If you are confident of self-editing your writings, it is well and good.However, engaging professional editors for editing your writings will not only make your writings tight but will also add an element of professionalism to your writing.

By following the above guidelines scrupulously, your writings attain the requisite quality in writing besides making you as a more skillful writer.In the process, you can reasonably avoid clumsy writing.

Daily Prompt: Sincere

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Sincerity begins at Home.

Being sincere means doing something right in earnest.It is an attitude which has got to be cultivated from one’s childhood days.Once you learn to be sincere in whatever you are doing it pays recurring dividends in the long run.You have to got be sincere in cultivating this habit or attitude in your child very early.Once the child picks up that habit, your burden of rearing up your child almost done nonchalantly.Then the child will be sincere in his studies, in sports and in whatever he is doing.When the child grows up into an adult, it will develop the sincere friendship or if he falls in love, he will be sincere in his love too.Getting through any examination in any class, whether it is in the childhood or in the adulthood, a sincere child will always come up with flying colors.Then getting a job is a cakewalk.Once the grown-up child turns into a man or woman, his sincerity begins to pay him the recurring dividends, in the form of achievements in his academic pursuits and in his chosen career.If the child is sincere in sports,the child will shine in sports too.Besides, a grown up child, not only learn to be self-reliant but also take care of  others who need help and support.No doubt, a sincere child will have regards for his aged parents also.When a child is sincere in whatever he is doing, he will not get deviated from his good character and so the child will grow up into a responsible citizen in the society also.A responsible citizen will also be ready to do anything for the cause of his nation or country.So, a child who has grown up into a great man by virtue his sincerity,we can reasonably conclude, sincerity begins at Home.

How to Complain?(Part II)

You are already familiar with what a complaint is.Now I am going to deal with some specific cases of complaint which you come across in your day to day life.

Nuances of the complaint:

Apart from having the general elements, your complaint should be more specific, relevant, to the point, precise and above all be honest.Before drafting a complaint you should gather all the relevant facts, if necessary, it is useful to have notes on it.There is absolutely no scope for imagination or being creative while drafting a complaint.You should draft it as tight as possible without any scope for redundancy.As somebody puts it, you should draft a complaint as carefully as you write a short story without any scope for any single word to be considered as superfluous.Above all the logic behind preferring a complaint is to get rid of your grievances as amicably as possible against whom you are complaining.Hence, the tone of your complaint should always be mild but it should never be harsh so as to antagonize the concerned person. Hence, drafting a complaint being complex in nature, it is always advisable to engage people who are adept in drafting complaints.

There are some specific cases wherein your complaint needs special attention.

A consumer complaint:-

It is true ‘consumer is a king’.Still, as a consumer, you may have some grievances against a product that you purchased from a dealer or against the building contractor whose services that you availed for building your house.Before preferring a complaint to the dealer or to the building contractor, collect all the documents.In the case of a product, say  you have purchased a two wheeler of a reputed company. Still, it develops snags frequently.In the house built by the building contractor, he has left a few works unfinished as against the terms of the agreement.Your complaint should be mild as against the two wheeler dealer or the service provider and the complaint should specifically contain nothing but facts and your actual grievances.After allowing a reasonable time to get rid of your grievances, if you are not satisfied with the dealer or the service provider, you can proceed against them, by engaging an advocate.

Complaint involving the Motor Accident:-

A complaint involving a motor accident case is more serious.When your close friend or relative meets with a fatal accident, you should complain to the concerned police station within whose jurisdiction the accident takes place.Your complaint should be accurate containing the details of the accident, persons involved, details about the driver and the vehicle, date and place of the accident if the accident is fatal, the details of the injuries suffered by the victim, if any, and the details of employment if any, held by the victim who died in the accident, exact location or landmark where the accident took place etc.The accuracy of your complaint ensures its speedy disposal.

Complaint involving harassment for Dowry:-

It is a typical Indian problem.Such complaints should be preferred at the earliest immediately after its occurrence. Because, if a complaint involving dowry harassment after 7 years of a person’s marriage is specifically barred by the act.So any form of dowry harassment should be nipped in the bud.Your complaint involving a criminal offense should contain accurate facts with material evidence and it should be preferred at the earliest.It will not only be helpful to punish the offender as quickly as possible, besides preventing its recurrence.

False Complaints:

The false complaints are always preferred against some hapless victims perhaps out of vengeance, either personal or political.But they will not stand the scrutiny of law since such complaints are badly drafted with false facts.Complaints preferred under the SC/ST act are mostly false complaints and the victims after being subjected to unnecessary harassment are ultimately acquitted.Domestic Violence Act and Dowry Prohibition Act are at times misused, by the housewives simply to harass their hapless husbands, perhaps at the instance of their parents.Hence, the false complaints are the proverbial house of cards and in the absence of material evidence or correct facts, they will not stand the scrutiny of law.

Hence, complaints are such fine tools to get your legitimate grievances redressed.However, you should use them judiciously and tactfully.Otherwise, they may lead to abuse of process of law and ultimately you may fail miserably to stand the test of law.

Daily Prompt: Millions

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Is India a real Welfare State?

India boasts that it is a welfare state and spends millions of rupees for the welfare of the people every year.But the moot question is  whether India is really welfare state?There are umpteen numbers of reasons for raising this doubt.Our former Prime Minster late.Rajiv Gandhi rightly pointed out of every rupee spent for the welfare of the people,only ten paise reaches the common man.The remaining 90 paise goes to the coffers of the intermediaries en route.Hence it leads to the unequal distribution of wealth.The net result is there is an ever growing wide gulf between the haves and have-nots.Though the Indian economy is strong enough  even to withstand the onslaught of the worldwide recession, still we can reasonably say that all is not well with it.Then you may ask what ails the Indian economy?Perhaps the following factors are her stumbling blocks: 1) The ever growing population of India which now stands at more than 120 crores and it is the second highest in the world.In the near future, India may surpass China in becoming No.1 in the population.2)Corruption: Though corruption is the world phenomenon, it does not absolve us from our responsibility of wiping it out from the grass root level.Unfortunately, corruption has become the part and parcel of our society and the people have adopted it as a lifestyle.Though we have anti-corruption laws, we violate them more than we follow.It shows that people are lacking in awareness and easy going. Having adopted corruption as part of their lifestyle, they react only rarely in rooting out the corruption from the society.

With regard to her population growth, though our government is serious enough in checking her population growth, by introducing one family two child policy, still India cannot boast that it has effectively controlled her population growth.Like China, India may need to introduce one family one child program.But the real problem in implementing such policy is unlike China, India being a democratic country, it cannot force the people to adopt one family one child policy.But India needs to step up her programs in spreading awareness among the people about the necessity of reducing or controlling her population.

India requires stringent anti-corruption laws to cleanse her stables.Besides, India may have to spread its awareness programs to root out corruption from the grassroots level. The anti-corruption laws should be introduced at the school level in a simplified and easy to understand format.If we inculcate the spirit of honesty, integrity, and eschewing bribery etc in their early childhood, perhaps in one or two decades, India may have committed citizens who remain anti-corruption to the core.

Above all India requires committed leaders like Mahatma to believe in the means justify the end.

Daily Prompt: Ancient

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I need a Time Machine urgently.

I am obsessed with the modern world, its technology,its culture,its economy, its politics, especially the Indian politics and the all-pervading terrorism etc.I want to travel in a pollution free atmosphere to the ancient world for which I need a Time Machine urgently.Can anybody tell me how and where to hire a Time Machine?

I have a specific purpose in traveling to the ancient world.I want to travel back to 3250 B.C to 2750 B.C, exactly the period during which the Indus Valley Civilisation was said to have flourished. My specific purpose of traveling back to the ancient Indus valley civilization is to decipher the Indus script.After researching painstakingly for over a period of 30 days, I have got an idea to decipher the Indus script.I strongly believe, the Indus script will offer a solution to many sensitive unsolved issues of modern India.

You may wonder, how an undeciphered script of a bygone era, will be a panacea to solve many mysteries of the modern India.I strongly believe that Indus scripts are something like astrological notes which I may easily read and release their reports in piecemeal through some popular dailies in North and South India.By that way, I hope to become something like a messiah in the modern India.

I wonder where these Time Machines are stationed, how they are maintained and how much they are charging per thousands and thousands of miles of travel in the Time Machine.I am also in a dilemma what currency they use and whether I can use my debit or credit cards there.I am also at a loss to know how long I have to travel in the Time Machine and I wonder will there be a stop over anywhere till I reach 3250 B.C to 2750 B.C.Of course, I don’t have any idea what they will provide for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner etc.The very idea that I may have to starve on the way till I reach the Indus Valley Civilisation also confuses me a little bit.But one of my friends says that while traveling in the Time Machine, we may not have any appetite or hunger.

All these thinking instead of discouraging me from traveling in the Time Machine actually encourage me to travel in the Time Machine as early as possible.



Daily Prompt: Waiting

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Though the word ‘waiting’ looks quite ordinary just like an unassuming person, used in different contexts it may create havoc in you.

If you are an average student and not much interested in studies, waiting for the results of an examination is really excruciating.

Having proposed your love to your lover and waiting for her response is really a killing experience.

You are contesting for an MLA or MP seat for a popular party.After a hectic campaign,the election day comes.The polling is over.You have spent crores of rupees for the election.The counting of votes has begun.You are rather anxious.In fact, your future political career depends on the outcome of the election.If you win the election you have a bright future in the party.If you lose the election, your political career hangs in the balance.The votes are being counted today.The voting trend is fluctuating.You are rather anxious.Though you are waiting in the air-conditioned room, you are sweating profusely.The latest trend shows that you are trailing by a slender margin.Only a few rounds of counting remains.You cannot wait anymore.You rush to the counting center.It takes just ten minutes.Meanwhile, your mobile phone rings up.It is a call from one of your close confident.You answer the call.’Ram, now you are leading by a slender margin.Only the last round of counting remains’.On reaching the counting center, you are ceremoniously welcomed by your party men.You have won the election by a thin margin.You heave a sigh of relief.

Thus waiting can be killing at times.

Daily Prompt: Urgent

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How the communication revolution has made the word ‘urgent’redundant!

It was 1979.I was working as a telephone operator then in a telephone exchange.I was manning the record section.It was 07.00 p.m.Reduced tariff period began at 07.00 p.m and ended at 07.00 a.m the next day morning.It was the festival season too.There was heavy traffic.I responded quickly to each call.

‘Trunk Booking please.’

‘This is Villupuram 2574.Please book a trunk call to Madras 247454.Please make it Urgent.’

I booked the trunk call in a separate trunk call ticket, in which I also ticked the Urgent priority.The Urgent trunk call would have priority over the Ordinary call.The charges for the urgent Trunk call would also be double the rate of the ordinary trunk call.If a subscriber booked a lightning call, it would be charged eight times more than an ordinary trunk call and it should be disposed of within 15 minutes.If I connected a trunk call when the call was nearing 3 minutes, I would caution the subscriber, ‘It is nearly  3 minutes sir, do you want the extension?’ The subscriber would respond, ‘ extend please.’When the call was over, I charged it for either three or six minutes duration.When there was a heavy traffic especially in the festival season, even an urgent trunk call would get delayed for 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Two decades later, with the onset of revolution in electronics and communication engineering, mobile phones flooded the market.All the manual Trunk Telephone exchanges were closed.In the beginning of 21 st century, the then younger generation did not know about the trunk calls and they were in total oblivion of the priorities such as urgent or lightening.In fact, they have switched over to ultra modern mobile phones such as smartphones, periodically improved versions of iPhones with multitasking facilities and features

Similarly, the telegrams whose mere arrival was dreaded as a death message was abolished recently, since the people  are no longer in need of those accursed strings.

Thus with the onset of communication revolution of the 21 st century, the manual operating system of the old and outdated telephone exchanges was totally dismantled. Hence, the people of those days no longer remember urgent priority and the word urgent itself belonged to the bygone era.People have entered into the ultra modern age regardless of their age.What they use are ultra-modern mobile phones and they are more used to missed calls, chats, and selfies.

Daily Prompt: Flattery

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Flattery in the Past and at Present

Though flattery is purely insincere praise on somebody, it was used as a harmless weapon mostly by a poet to find favor with a king in his court or any rich man at his house.Therefore, flattery prevailed when the monarchy was in existence.

In other words, from the flattery heaped on a person, you have no chance to know the real character or personality of a person.

It was customary even though the king was an ordinary person with mediocre talent, the poets freely used flattery on him just to please him and milk him as much as possible in return for the flattery.

In those days, a story on flattery was floated like this:

A poet entered the house of a rich landlord without knowing him that he was a miser. When the poet entered the landlord’s house, the landlord welcomed him with a large grin.The poet began addressing the landlord as if he was a philanthropist.The landlord was pleased much.The poet stopped for a while.It was the turn of the landlord.

‘Is anybody there? Serve this poet with a delicious meal.”

The poet was pleased much. He could even feel the secretion of more saliva in his mouth and the taste buds of his tongue were ready for the feast. Encouraged by the prospect of having a delicious feast, he also stepped up his flattery on the rich landlord as if he was a person recently descended from the heaven..The rich landlord huddled in his easy chair.He just raised his head and ordered as follows:

‘Is anybody there?Bring 1000 gold coins for the poet.’

The poet’s joy knew no bounds. He was elated at the prospect of getting 1000 gold coins.He became more enthusiastic and  virtually sang as many songs as possible highly eulogizing him. He gasped and stopped for a while. The landlord  was happy and said, ‘Is anybody there? Get a golden shawl for the poet.’

The poet virtually felt as if he was in heaven. He again praised the landlord, as if he was a Godly man.

After a few minutes, the poet stopped his flattery and simply waited for his delicious meal along with 1000 gold coins and the golden shawl,But there was no sign of their arrival.The poet  was very anxious and he could not hide his feelings.At last, he even asked the landlord about those presents that he ordered for him. The landlord laughed at him and said,’ Just like you poured your flattery on me to entertain me, I just ordered a few things for you so as to make you feel happy.That’s all ! You can take leave now.’The poet almost got swooned and returned a dejected man. Thus in those days flattery was used as an instrument of outwitting each other.

In the modern days, the monarchy was changed into democracy, in which party system plays a vital role.The poets had gone and fell into oblivion.However, the nature of the flattery remains same. To please a leader of a political party and find his favor flattery is being used in different formats and in different contexts. They pay them respects simply by falling on their feet.They eulogize him through newspaper advertisements and  inside the house of parliament or in the state legislature, they invariably address their party leader at first heaping heavy praise on them and then proceed to address the issue.

Thus flattery has become a necessary evil among the human beings whether you like it or not and  the human beings will use it freely as long as the human civilization exists.


How to Complain? (Part I)


My teacher beat me with the stick.I was bleeding in my left eye.I cannot see with my left eye.

Yours faithfully,


VI standard

It was the complaint made by a small boy, aged about 10 years, hailing from a remote rural village in Tamil Nadu.Based on his complaint, the teacher who beat the boy was immediately suspended.

So a complaint is essentially one’s grievances preferred against a person.Based on the complaint action is taken against the person on whom the complaint has been preferred.Hence, a complaint serves as the document to initiate civil or criminal action against an erring person.

However, a complaint may be either oral or in written form.Captious people by their fault finding nature used to complain frequently against anyone.But they are mostly oral and harmless.If the complaint is reduced into written form it becomes the basic record that sets the legal wheel into motion and into action.

Therefore a complaint being an important document, we should draft it more carefully.When a layman prefer an oral complaint against anybody, the verbatim account of the complaint is reduced to written format. When you complain against anybody, it should contain all the essential elements of a complaint as follows:

  • While complaining, you should address it to the proper person, who is capable of taking action against the complaint.For example, the student complaining about his teacher should address it to the headmaster or headmistress, who will take action against the complaint.A complaint pertaining to a revenue dispute should be addressed to the proper person at the revenue department.A complaint seeking redressal from the Municipality should be addressed to the Commissioner of your Municipality
  • Then your complaint should contain the details of your grievances and the reliefs you are seeking.
  • If the complaint is about the poor sanitary condition of your street or poor condition of your street road, it is always better to attach a photograph.If the complaint is about the defect in revenue records of your immovable property, your complaint should always be accompanied by proper records.
  • The complaint should contain the correct particulars of the address of the person against whom you prefer a complaint.

Complaints are generally civil or criminal in nature.A complaint is classified into civil or criminal on the basis of the contents of the complaint.When you prefer a complaint against your colleague in the office, or when a student prefers a complaint to his teacher against his classmate, when you prefer a complaint against a sanitary worker to the commissioner of Municipality or when you prefer a complaint to the commissioner of Corporation against water scarcity prevailing in your area or about the poor sanitary condition of your area or about the prevalence of mosquitoes and about the health hazards in your area or about the poor maintenance of street lights in your area or about the poor condition of the municipal roads in your area, they are complaints which are purely civil in nature requiring only the redressal of your grievance.Some complaints though purely civil in nature, for example, the complaint which you preferred against your colleague needs to be enquired into, call for an explanation from the concerned official and only after getting a reply from him or her, action will be taken against the erring official, provided it is proved on inquiry that the official has actually committed mistakes.On the other hand, if the reply given by the official is satisfactory not warranting any action, the complaint against him may be closed.In other words, it is known as the departmental inquiry, in which the duty of the inquiry officer is to see whether the concerned official against whom the complaint has been preferred violated any provisions of the department  rules and regulations.

When a complaint is preferred against any person, invariably he must be given a chance to submit his reply, in tune with the principles of natural justice.Otherwise, your inquiry proceedings against whom the complaint has been preferred are vitiated and it may not stand the scrutiny of law.

A complaint being complex in nature, especially if the complaint is criminal in nature or if the complaint is  civil but very complicated in nature involving a property dispute, it is better to engage a lawyer who is well versed in drafting.If you cannot afford to engage a lawyer, it is better to engage a document writer.