Recently I went to Apollo Diagnostics,in Chennai, to have a scan for my daughter who is pregnant and in her last trimester of her pregnancy.Fortunately,my daughter does not have any gender bias and she hopes to have a girl child.Despite visiting a number of times to the scan centre, she did not evince any interest in knowing the gender of her baby.As a grandfather, I just want a grandchild and I never showed any interest in knowing the gender of the yet to born child.Even if I show any interest in knowing the gender of the foetus, the hospital authorities are not ready to provide it.Thanks to the act that prevents revealing the gender of the baby, before its birth.It contemplates three years imprisonment along with a fine of Rs 50,000/-, if any person reveals the secret.It is really a good move, albeit it imposes a harsh punishment on the medical personnel who divulges the secret.But such legislations are necessary in countries  like India, where the prevalence of female infanticide is still in practice.In some remote corners of Tamil Nadu still female infanticide is practiced and it is equally shameful to say that people employ the most crude methods to commit female infanticide.People who commit such horrible acts tend to justify it citing practical reasons such as:

1)A poor man cannot afford to spend much in educating a girl child and then spend for her marriage.Both entail a heavy economic burden on a poor family.

2)The birth of a boy means getting income for the family during his marriage.

3)Apart from that a boy is always prefered since he will shoulder the burden of his father in his old age.

4) Above all a male child is prefered for aesthetic reasons.The boy will perform the ceremonies or obsequies on the death of their parents.

But all the above mentioned reasons are flimsy and they cannot withstand the onslaught of human rights and legal protection  available for females in the modern days.

Apart from that in this modern era, a girl child comparatively fares better in studies than a boy child.There is no job on this earth disentitling a woman.Many MNCs are headed by powerful women.In fact they offer stiff competition to men in almost all areas and fields of employment.

What is required is the awareness and education on women’s lib.We must also be alert to prevent the incidence of female infanticide, though they may be sporadic in occurence.We must realise that civilisation will flourish and the society will grow only when there is no discrimination based on sex.If we fail to eliminate gender bias,our society will remain static and even begin to degenerate going backwards.






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