If you are a writer or if your cherished dream is becoming a writer, it is obligatory on your part to learn more and more words.In other words, as a writer you have to necessarily build your vocabulary.When you have more and more words at your command, no doubt you will be a more confident writer.Building your vocabulary is akin to having more tools such as knives, scissors, chisels,nuts and bolts etc by the mechanic of a car or by a sculptor.When a sculptor has a variety of tools in varying sizes, he will be at ease in his work, I mean in making a statue, by using different types of tools of varying sizes, until he arrives at or makes or finishes the product to his satisfaction.The same is the case with a writer.As long as he has more and more words at his command, the more and more polished will be his writing. A writer is akin to the manufacturer of a car, its owner, its driver and its mechanic as well.A writer until he arrives at the final product, I mean what he writes is ready for publication,his writing undergoes the process of drafting, proofreading, editing, if necessary rewriting,and then again proofreading and editing etc, until the writer feels satisfactory that his writing is fit for publication.Still the ordeals of the writer are not over.If the writer choose to self-publish his writing, his sufferings or experimentation of his writing is somewhat limited or restricted.If the writer engages or depends upon a publisher, the writer has to necessarily dance to his tunes.In other words, the writer has to satisfy the editor or a publisher.Sometimes, the writer has to bow to the needs of market.Thus when a writer undergoes a series of ordeals, he has got to be thick skinned and has got to be strong willed and a man of courage.In fact, a writer can withstand all these ordeals before getting his writing published, only if he has the guts to withstand all these pressures.To withstand such pressures, a writer has to equip with more and more words in his arsenal.If a writer is poor in his vocabulary, his writing will be substandard, he will be unable to meet the demands of an editor or publisher and his writing will be rejected in no time.

Having known the importance of vocabulary, a growing writer will be more interested in knowing the technics of building the vocabulary.There is no short cut in a writer’s career.He has to make conscious efforts in building his vocabulary.He has to read anything he come across, whether it is  old or modern literature.Making a note of the new words that he learns in a systematic way is always necessary.While learning and retention of the new words is part of the process of building your vocabulary, it is equally important that a writer has to use the new words that he learnt in his writing, for which the writer has to write frequently, if not daily.Now the writer is in the process of recalling what he has learnt.However, a writer has to remember that all these things will not happen overnight.Only by making regular, sustained and systematic efforts over a long period, a writer can build his vocabulary to his satisfaction.

Again when a writer chooses a niche for his writing, he has got to be selective in his reading to build the requisite and relevant vocabulary.If a writer chooses to write historical novels, then the writer has to concentrate on building the vocabulary necessary for writing historical novels.Then the writer may confine his reading more and more historical novels.Similarly, if a writer opts for writing horror novels, he has to read more and more horror novels and subjects.Since the writers time is limited,he has to work with a horse sense to build up his requisite vocabulary.Likewise, if a writer choose legal subject as his niche, then, the writer has to read a lot of legal texts, commentaries and journals, to attain the satisfactory vocabulary.

Therefore, a writer to be successful in his writing career should have a strong vocabulary;  be an avid reader and a regular writer.Considering the limitations of time, a writer, having chosen a niche for himself should also work with a horse sense in the right direction.




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