Seventh Day of August is the Friendship Day, in which we have to cherish Friendship, promote it and to remember it for ever.Had Arnold Toynbee been alive today, he would have definitely included Friendship as one of the tokens of currencies to mark and indicate the modern civilisation.Man being a social animal,friendship remains the lynchpin of the society, not to speak of its social,political and economic impact created in the modern society.

Friendship emanates and begins out of familiarity.The logic of developing friendship from your neighbourhood to the global level is very simple.He is my neighbour.He resides in my street.He resides in my area or ward.He resides in my village or town.He belongs to our Taluk or District or State.He belongs to our country.He hails from South or North India.He hails from Asia or Europe or America or Africa.That is how the idea of national and international integration develops.Thus familiarity and proximity creates and forges friendship naturally.But the human beings, either on one to one basis or by forming groups easily develop friendships.In the modern days, social networking sites, such as Face Book, Linkedin and Instagram etc,are systematically making attempts to disseminate friendship among its members, of course with an eye on promoting number of views and in turn to augment their revenue.

Individuals are creating friendship among themselves, out of familiarity created in the course of their study and working environment and by forming groups,societies and clubs with a specific purpose.Again the logic is simple.He is my classmate in our college.He works in my office, in the same department.He is a member of our housing society.He is a member of our cricket club.Eg.MCC.Thus the society that we are living in forces us to develop friendship.

However, friendship between individuals develop out of proximity, like mindedness, similar intersts, and above all with the same wave length.It is natural that youngsters befriend youngsters and aged people or retired people bond among themselves.Once the friendship is formed and gets cemented it works wonders, promoting mutual social and economic relationships and benefits.

Sometimes the people may be in a dilemma, whether to develop friendship with a person or not.Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar provides  beautiful idea for for forging a friendship with a person.But the idea is very simple. Just evaluate the persons good and bad qualties.If good qualities of a person outweigh his bad qualities.Then go ahead and develop friendship with that person.If his bad qualties outweigh his good qualities, it is better not to have friendship with that person.Thus developing friendship with a person is really a serious business.Again the same poet Thiruvalluvar comes to our rescue, when you are in a dilemma whether to continue the friendship with a person who has done wrong to you.Just because a close friend has done something wrong to you, you should not be hasty and jump to the conclusion of severing that friendship.It is equally bad.

Similarly, on the political front each country develops friendship with her neighbours and maintain close bilateral relationship. With an eye on the social, economic and political development, the like minded countries even form political organisations such as SARRC, BRICS,NATO, SEATO, and ASEAN etc.Thus Friendship is a comprehensive term that encompasses  social, economic and political relationship among countries too.

A friendship between a boy and a girl or between a man and woman, on crossing their limits develop into love, leading to sexual relationships, either moral or sometimes immoral.Sometimes, the lovers get married turning into spouses creating a legal bond and producing offsprings.Thus friendship in a way promotes family system, which forms part of the human society.

Sometimes friendship develops into a loyal friendship thereby preparing them to make any sacrifice for the cause of friendship.Occasionally, friendship, out of misunderstanding turns into treacherous creating havoc for the friendship.An advanced and very close friendship is known as bosom friendship.

The value of friendship is really precious.A friend in need is really a friend indeed.In fact the friendship serves as one of the pillars of the human society.Therefore, let us cherish and remember the value of friendship on this Day of Friendship.


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