The mind remained depressed for the past two or three days.I don’t know why.Perhaps I have lost confidence in the profession, because of the silly activities of some other people.In particular,what happened in the suit O.S 97/2001, has almost crippled me.I attended the marriage reception of Rajkumar.But, the entire family of Rajkumar did not receive me even for the name sake.I simply attended the reception, wished him well by standing in a long queue.Rajkumar, requested me to sit atleast half an hour.But I had to leave the marriage hall so as to attend the reception of T.Murthy’s sons.I didnot had my feast in the Murthy’s marriage also.But I simply had some ice cream.

From tomorrow I have to attend the court regularly.Follow up the cases.It is futile to lose my hope, just because what happened in a particular case.

I spoke with with my daughter at about 10 p.m yester day.The doctor has advised my daughter to undergo physiotheraphy on Friday.I hope everything will go well in her case.I hope she will deliver her baby by normal delivery.

Yesterday, I came across another sorry state of affairs.Madapattu City Union Bank manager has given three cases to DK. I don’t know what he thinks of me.Perhaps,I lost his confidence.He has given only two cases for me, one at ULD and another at Villupuram.I got it numbered finally as O.S 219/2016.The case filed at ULD is posted for exparte evidence on 20/09/2016.

If that is over I will have only a few pending cases at ULD.

Hereafter, I will not ask for any cases from Madappattu.If he gives me anything on his own accord well and good .Otherwise, there is no meaning in disturbing him.

Let me end my article here.Tomorrow  I have to wake up  a little bit earlier to write more.


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