What  I am writing is just for the sake of writing, without any idea, but with ultimate purpose of sharpening my writing and giving it a shape.Merely writing something, i.e whatever that comes to my mind is just to have writing practice.How long I have to practice to get my writing a shape, I don’t know.As some writing experts say I have to go on practice regularly  especially very early in the morning, when my mind is so fresh.When I keep on writing, one day my writing will have some purpose, some idea, above all with beauty.Until then I have to keep on writing regardless of the emptiness of it.Until then keep on writing, keep on trying.to write something worthwhile.Until a few hours ago, I did not take writing seriously.But after reading some good books on writing, either I have to write or just quit without making any trial at it.I have opted to write and go at it.While keeping on my writing, I have to equip myself by reading more and more books.Then only I will have some source of inspiration.Inspiration may come from many quarters.By reading more and more books,by reading newspapers, by hearing the conversation that is going on surrounding me, by observing keenly whatever I see and come across, by visiting various places of importance, by visiting my friends and relatives, by recalling what happened in my childhood days and so on and so forth.But considering my age and experience in my life,I have plenty to recall and I have plenty of source to sift with.But Iam very particular that I should not stop until I get a shape for my writing.I ardently believe, just like any established writer, I too can blossom into a good writer one day and people will be mad after my writing.I too will have a best seller and my writing will also compete with the best in the writing industry.But I don’t know when my  writing will come out best and I will become an established writer.Only time will tell.


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