At last I managed to find the rental house.It was the first floor of a house, in a remote corner of the town.I owed very much to that septuagenerian.Hence, I was very particular in inviting him for my son’s marriage.When I pressed the calling bell, after a few seconds, odayar opened the door.

When I entered the hall, he received me with a large grin.’Please be seated.’ I sat on a stool.

‘Welcome.It is  pleasant surprise.I saw you at my home at gardens about six months ago.How did you find this house?’

‘Your son in law told me about this house.It looks so small.How do you manage with your family here?


Odayar has a large joint family, consisting of him, his wife, son, his wife, his children, daughter, her husband and her children.But I could not see any other member except odayar.

“What about other family members?’

‘My son is away from home.Others are inside this dungeon.Perhaps, they feel shy and ignominious to meet you’

‘I feel really sorry for you and your family.How happy they had been at the garden in your own house.’

‘It is all in the game.It is all because of my son.Just because of his failure in his business, we were heavily indebted.Hence, I had to sell my spacious house in the garden for just sixty lacs.I incurred a loss of atleast another thirty lacs in selling my house.What to do?For getting relieved from our debt burden I had to sell my house.I had no other go.’

‘You had helped me for my daughter’s education, though I was just known to you.For such a noble mind, God has given all sorts of troubles.”

‘Why blame the Almighty?.He had given me everything.It was all because of my son.He didn’t study well.Hence, he was a total failure in his business.Hence this situation.

‘You could have handled the business and finances and avoided the heavy debts.’

‘Sir, everybody should live his own life.My son was grown up.He was married.I allowed him to live his own life.Had I interevened in his business, I would have lost my mental peace and my family would have broken.Even now it is not too late.Still I have got my own assets.I have to work hard to make up for all this loss.I am doing intensive agriculture at my native village.Just wait for six months or one year. I will be moving to my own house’.

I was really astonished at his self confidence and  his casual approach to life.

What he said when I left the house, I cannot easily forget. ‘Just take everything in your life on your own stride.You will be alright.You will get back everything.’







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