The nomenclature given for the typical writing in English by the Indian authors is Indian Writing.In other words, if you mention Indian Writing, it specifically connotes the works of new crops of Indian authors such as Chetan Bagat, Ravi Subramaniam and host of others.However, none of the modern Indian authors catch up with those yester year writers, Rabindranath Tagore or R.K.Narayan, whose writing in English attained unprecendented international acclaim and their writings had a standard that could be compared with the International authors in English.

Rudyard Kipling, though he was born in India, by virtue of his sojurn and brought up in western countries, he produced quality works in English and he was even awarded the Nobel prize for literature.Salman Rushdie is yet another writer in English, who was a Men booker prize winner and he is a resident of England and he cannot be called as a typical Indian Writing author.Of late, his work ‘Enchantress of Venice’ has been criticised tooth and nail as monotonous and stale and  he has been even warned not to write further and get retired.Arunthathi Roy is yet another Indian writer in English and her only book ‘ God of Small Things’ was a Booker prize winner.She did not write any other book thereafter.

Shobha De another Indian writer in English confined her writings with political satires and columns in English dailies.She has not written any other significant work so far.

It is relevant to mention that after Tagore and then R.K.Narayan, so far no other worthy and standard works have been produced in English by the contemporary authors.Arvind Adhiga whose ‘White Tiger’ was a booker prize winner is based in US and so has not contributed anything significantly to the Indian Writing.

It is relevant to note that the contemporary Indian Writers in English, say Chetan Bhagat, Ravi Subramaniam and others, concentrate more on quantity rather than quality.It is really pathetic to note, none of them has produced any work to catch up with international standard.Above all, all the present authors have not written anything on the rural background as did by Tagore or R.K.Narayan.

Hence, I have been awakened to the fact and  stark reality, that I have to concentrate on writing in the rural background..

I  am not fluent in writing this article means, I have to read a lot of Indian writing.Then only I can write a critical article on Indian writing.I have already selected and downloaded some useful works by Tagore and R.K.Narayan.I have to necessarily read them.

If I want to make any significant contribution to English literature, I have to read a lot both ancient and modern lierature in English.Then only I can attain a reasonable level of proficiency in English.


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