As per the advice of established writers and teachers, I have woken up early , I mean at 0400 a.m and writing here.They advice not to worry about the content I am writing, about the grammar, about the content, its meaning etc.It is just writing for the sake of writing.I mean sheer writing practice.I have woken up by having arranged for the alarm in my mobile.Don’t worry be happy.You will be alright.As the author said this writing practice is just a beginning and to wake up my sub conscious mind.

For the past few days I have been thinking about Audio books.They are even tipped as the future of the book publishing world.But I don’t think so.Audio books are recorded version  of the contents of a whole book.It is one of the types of book publishing.If a book is published, we have its various forms of publication such as: e-book (kindle edition),paper back, hard cover and also into an audio book.

An audio book is actually an advanced version in publication of the book.In West, people welcome audio books whole heartedly.An audio book is published by reading and recording its content through a reader.When the entire content of the book is digitally recorded it is released and sold in the market as an audio book.The most cost effective book is an e-book, readable with the help of a reader, say kindle.Whereas an audio edition of the book  is  quite costly, perhaps four or five times constlier than an e-book and atleast twice or three times costiler than a paper back edition.

The reason for the high cost of an audio book is that it involves the process of reading the content of the whole book by a reader.He must be an adept in reading and has to read the book according to its genre.Suppose if the book is with a horror theme, the reader must bring out the effect of horror theme while recording the book.He must read the book lucidly so that the content of the book is correctly understood what it was originally written and intended by its author.If the book is on a fantacy theme, the reader of the book must take more pains to bring out its actual effects on the reader.Again if the book is on the nuances of writing, the reader must virtually become a teacher and convert the readers of the book into patient listeners or students or followers.Again if the book is on religion, the reader must read it more carefully without offending the reader who may be an ardent follower of the religion. Thus an audio book necessarily require the services of an adept reader.

No doubt an audio book is a boon to a reader who is otherwise busy in his business and hardly find any time for reading.Perhaps, he may read the book on his travel in a car or in a plane.Again, the reader of an audio book must be intelligent enough to understand the contents of a book on hearing its contents.Similarly, a busy writer who is also an avid reader, an audio book is his best companion.

But an audio book apart from being very costly has other drawbacks too.A beginner or an upcoming writer may find it hard to understand or assimilate the contents of an audio book,unless he is an expert or thorough in the grammar of the language, I mean English, if the audio book is published in English, familiar with the genre of the book.Being a novice, and an upcoming writer who is struggling hard to have his own place in the writing world, he cannot afford to buy an audio book.In fact, he has very little scope in learning the style, language and other nuances of writing as intended by the author of the book.

Again, an audio book in English may be successful only among the native English speaking people whose lingua franca is English.Where English is the second language in countries like India, Audio book may not be successful, because, the reader of the audio book might have read it with native accent, say with US or British English.It is intelligible to a reader in India provided the reader’s english accent is intelligible to him.

Thus an audio book , as somebody put it, is not the future of the book publishing industry, because of its high cost, lack of universal  appeal and the difficulties in reading the book.To put it in a nut shell, an audio book may be helpful, only to those people who are damn busy and are always on the run and hardly find any time to read.In fact, by and large,the audio books cannot be said successful, since their disadvantages offset their advantages.







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