After celebrating Vinayaga Sathurthi,We were sleeping in the hall.At about 0200 a.m,  we had a sound,’plop’.When my mother woke up and looked into the Pooja room, a framed photo of lord Venkateswara had fallen with a plop sound.The mischief monger was  a rat.When she rushed through the backside of the photo, the framed photo lost its balance and fell on the ground with a plop sound.Then I took the framed picture of the God Venkateswara and once again placed it on the stand in the Puja room.So the plop was caused by a rat that resulted in the falling of the God’s picture.Since there was no any other major casualty, we again went to bed by 0220 a.m.That is all about the story of plop.


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