Don’t get misleaded.This recharge is not meant for recharging your mobile phone.In the context of a mobile phone, recharge means, you have to validate the use of your mobile phone, say for one month. three months or six months, according to the recharge scheme available.For example, my BSNL mobile phone whose SIM card was purchased under ‘Nesam’ scheme, can be recharged by paying Rs 49/- for a minimum period of 6 months, at the end of it they also provide the grace period of a particular period whithin which you have to recharge the mobile phone to revalidate the SIM card and extend its life.

But the term recharge which we refer here is with reference to a blogger or a writer who is in his low spirits.In order to lift him from his sagging spirits, or in order to inspire him, we may have to offer the following solutions or ideas.Of course, any person who is in his low spirits, needs the assistance of his fellow human being, to extend his helping hand as follows:

  • Just by providing a glass of water.
  • By cheering him up by hobnobbing with him with an interesting conversation according to his age.Well, if the person in his low spirits is a teen ager, again we have some difficulty here, unless  the person who is in low spirits is familiar to you that you may not be able to do anything to him.
  • Well, if the person in low spirits is your friend, you can cheer him up by umpteen number of ways, by inviting him to play some game that he is interested; or by inviting him to a movie or by inviting him to a dinner.

Why should we have to do all these things?

After all, the person in his low spirits is your friend and it is your duty to see that your friend is recharged and restored to normalcy.



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