You must remember every scar.The actual meaning conveyed by this sentence is that you must learn lessons from everything you experience.It also calls upon you not to forget anything that injured you leaving the scars in you.The message contained in the sentence squarely applies to the politicians as well as the business people too.

Yes, I still remember the injury caused to me by a mini van, when I was proceeding in a bicycle, some 25 years ago at Villupuram Nehruji road.The van driver realising his fault in causing the accident just paid me only a sum of Rs 400/- which I accepted without any protest.Within seconds, the van slipped away from my sight.Despite getting medical treatment, the injury left a scar in me which I still remember.

The scar reminds me of my ignorance till date and my failure to file  a complaint and an FIR against the van driver who caused the accident.Had I preferred a complaint against the van driver whose rash driving caused the accident, I could have filed a motor vehicle accident case in the court of law and got a compensation of not less than 40 thousand rupees.

Every scar that you have will leave a haunting memory in you.By remembering those scars, you can avoid any silly mistakes that you have committed in the past.In my case, apart from the accident that I have met with some 25 years ago, I am accident free till date.

Therefore, the ideal purpose of remembering the scar  is to avoid any such accident in future.After all we are human and we have the classic ability of doing it.







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