Stump is a word associated with the game of cricket.Of course, without all those three stumps, on either side of the pitch, planted firmly on the ground and linked together with bails, a game of cricket is not possible.In the modern days,  as the game of cricket has improved technically by leaps and bounds, even microphones and powerful lights are fixed in the stumps, so that the very minute snick of of the ball over the bat and any dislodging of the bail from the stumps can be heard or the flickering of the lights can be seen by the officiating umpires.Again, a stumping by the wicket keeper by removing the bails from the stumps, is also clearly shown by the glowing lights fixed on the top of the bails.If any doubtful decision is referred to the third umpire by  one of the ground umpires, the third umpire proceeds to review the decision through the replay of the specific shot or run out by the batsman and proceeds to announce his final decision.Thus stumps play a very important role in the game of cricket.Stumps are made of from a special wood.

When I think about the stumps, I cannot but smile, how they are instantly made by the young cricket playing children in the village, either by drawing three vertical and equal parallel lines on the wall, (who cares about the wall?) to play cricket with the help of ordinary rubber balls.Sometimes, three bricks,placed  side by side on the ground either vertically or horizontally leaving a small gap between them  also serve as stumps.A player who is standing behind the stones is the wicket keeper, whose duty is to collect the ball cleanly, bowled by the bowler.Recently, I saw from a whats up video sent by one of my friends, in which a girl was batting in front of three small sticks, perhaps stumps, and his brother was bowling, and do you know who was the wicket keeper? A dog. It stood behind the so called stumps rightly as the wicket keeper, wagging its tails.After the completion of the each delivery of the ball, the dog ran away to collect the ball and handed over it to the bowler and immediately  ran back to stand behind the stumps rather meticulously.Thus the dog played the duty of the wicket keeper sincerely but only partly as it was taught by its master.

When we consider the literary meaning of the word ‘stump’ it also provides an interesting picture.

When a person’s behaviour or speech completely shakes up a person, it is stated as follows:

His humility stumped me.His lengthy speech completely stumped me.

Overall, the word ‘stump’ associated with the game of cricket provides more food for thought.


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