We refer a person as elegant when he looks refined in his dress,style, manners and movement.It actually refers to the cultured behaviour of a person.When does a person will be more civilised or cultured? Only when he dresses elegantly.But it is possible for a man to dress elegantly,only when he is a man of means and only when he can afford to buy the requisite dress.When he is lacking in resources, a man cannot have an elegant look.Hence, an elegant look of a man is associated with the resources that he possess and in his ability to mobilise the requisite resources.In other words, a common man cannot be called as an elegant man as he is lacking in the resources to equip himself as an elegant man.It is true that a man becomes a full fledged man only when he wears a proper dress.Otherwise, a man is refered to only as half a man.Therefore, the word elegant is beyond the reach of a common man, but it is associated with only a man of resources.


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