One who is perplexed is in a confusing state of mind.There are umpteen number of reasons for a person to get perplexed.

If a person is a school going boy,let us assume that he is so weak in mathematics.Naturally he will be perplexed whenever the maths teacher enters the class and teaches mathematics.If the teacher asks any question or if he asks him to solve any maths problem that he  is unable to do, it will be the occasion to show that he is in a perpelexed state of mind.

For a grown up man, there are many reasons to get perplexed.If he is in economic doldrums and cannot get his both ends meet, he will be perplexed.If a man is suffering from family worries and find it very hard to solve them, naturally he will get perplexed.

If the parents of a girl looking out for a suitable alliance for their daughter, come across three or more offers and when all of them seem to be good and suitable for their daughter, they will naturally get perplexed.Even if the girl is given a chance to pick and choose a suitable alliance for her, out of three or four alliances, she will be in a terrible dilemma and will be quite perplexed.

A girl is brought to a jewelry shop that has a variety of beautiful jewelry and asked to pick and choose a necklace of her choice.The jewelry shop shows as many as ten to twelve items of necklaces to her.All the necklaces look so beautiful and each one of them is unique.The girl will naturally be perplexed to choose an item for her.

My friend has invited me for a dinner in a posh star hotel.They offer a number of delicious and varieties of food items in Western, Indian,Chinese and Continental style for the dinner under the buffet system.Though I was very eager to participate in the dinner, considering the number and varieities of food items offered by the Hotel in different styles, I was quite perplexed, since I was not used to the buffet system of dinner that too in a star hotel.I was actually in a terrible dilemma,how to and where to begin.However, it was my friend who came to my rescue.He patiently explained to me about everything and encouraged me to enjoy the dinner leisurely taking my own time.Having entered the hotel for dinner at 0800 p.m, we came out from the hotel after finishing our dinner at about 11.30 p.m.I really enjoyed the dinner, thanks to my bosom friend.


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