The word ‘slog’ has become more popular recently with the introduction of 50 overs and twenty overs cricket, I mean shorter versions of the game.It actually refers to the slog overs played in both shorter formats of the game.In the case of 50 overs format, the last ten overs are referred to as slog overs, whereas in the Twenty twenty cricket, the last five overs are referred to as slog overs.

However, the slog overs are the most testing time for a bowler, but the most opportune time for a batsman.In fact,a slog over bowled to a top ranking and attacking player like Virat Kohli is a nightmare for any bowler, since he is not sure where his ball will go, whether it will be hit for a four or a whopping six.Again a slog over being smacked away all along the ground, it will bound to affect the bowling analysis and ultimately the bowling economy rate of a bowler.For example, in a fifty overs game of cricket, a bowler is allotted a maximum of ten overs to bowl, say in two or three spells, if he is a strike bowler.After bowling four and three overs in his first and second spells, a bowler has conceded only 28 runs and the bowler’s economy rate until then is only 4 runs per over.In the remaining three, that he bowls during the slog overs, the bowler is hit for a volley of fours and sixes by the batsmen thereby milking as many as 36 runs, at an average of 12 runs per over.Due to the smacking that he received in the slog overs, the bowlers economy rate will now turn into 64/10 i.e 6.4.Thus a bowler’s economy rate increased through his bowling in slog overs may even create an impact on his selection for the next match.

On the other hand, if a bowler holds his nerve and really bowls well in the slog overs, taking wickets and restricting the scoring rate of the batsman that helps to win the match for his team, may even be hailed as the hero qualifying him to win the man of  the match award and he becomes an automatic choice for the selection in the next match.

Thus slog overs in cricket, in shorter versions of the game, changes the course of the cricket match and in turn it affects the prospects of a bowler or a batsman, not only for that particular match but also for the succeeding cricket matches.Therefore, slog overs  may even be called as dangerous overs.

The word slog also refers to a long tiring walk and also a laborious work.








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