I have been writing regularly on the daily one word prompts provided by the wordpress.Though my writing may not have received any response from the readers of the wordpress, still I find it interesting to write on the daily prompts.

In fact, every day, I eagerly await the one word prompt with the enthusiasm of a small boy who is on the look out for his favourite chocklate.As soon as I log into WordPress.com, I eagerly search for the daily one word prompt.When I see it, I proceed to write on the given prompt.If one word prompt is easier, I mean very familiar to me, I get elated as if I have read an easy question from the question paper given to me in the examination hall and immediately proceed to write something on it.

Recently, I enjoyed writing on the one word prompts such as ‘Stump’ and ‘slog’, because those terms are very familiar to me and are associated with the game of cricket.I  have been a cricket fan, in fact, I got it infected  through one of my close friends, for over a period of forty years.I still remember the cricket commentary that I heard on the test match series in 1974-75, between India and the great yester year West Indies, when they were fondly called as Calypso Charmers.Still I vividly remember, how Clive Lloyd found it very difficult to tackle the bowling of Venkat Ragavan.Unfortunately, I could not see it but I could only hear it through the  live radio commentaries of Tony Cozier, one of the great commentators of the West Indies.Tony Cosier is no more.But his commentary is alive in my memory.So with a keen interst in cricket, I found it very easy and interesting to write on the one word prompts associated with cricket.

If  the given one word prompt is not intelligible to me, I proceed to refer a dictionary to know its meaning.After reading the meaning of the word, I get at an idea and then proceed to write about it.For example, the word ‘radical’ was one such interesting prompt.Having read the meaning for radical, immediately I began my journey in my Time Machine to travel back to 1979 to 1981, to the Central Library of Annamalai university, to consult David Thompson, Ketelby and South Gate, my favourite authors in European History.I stumbled upon the French Revolution.and then proceeded to the Indian History, especially, our struggle for independance.Then I managed to write something on radical.

I find the one word  daily prompts intersting, because, they inspire me to learn more, to focus my thinking, while writing on those prompts.They provide a good food for thought and definitely help me to write something coherently and meaningfully and thereby improve my writing practice.I am not ashamed to say that I am a late bloomer.So, I am not an established writer, but only an upcoming writer always on the look out to improve my writing.Hence I am always trying to utilise the chances that I come across .

I hope my sustained  efforts on writing will make me a consistent writer for which writing on daily prompts posted here are quite useful.


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