The word ‘together’ connotes different meanings when expressed in different contexts.

Together means doing something simultaneously.

Together means doing something in its entirety.

Together also means doing something by two or more persons combined.

When an unmarried man and an unmarried woman cohabit together without getting married it is called in the legal parlance as ‘living together’.

A man cannot eat the cake and have it too.In other words, one can not do them together.A male employee seeks paternity leave, when his  pregnant wife is admitted in the hospital for delivery, in order to look after her and the newly born baby.But the Indian Government is adamant in granting paternity leave to the fathers as they may misuse it.However, they fail to understand  that a male employee cannot be omnipresent,I mean he cannot perform his duty in the office and look after his pregnant wive at the hospital together.

If a person has more than one task to do, either in his office or at home,we cannot pressurise him to complete all the tasks together.Nor it is practically possible.A person has umpteen number of tasks to do, he can complete those tasks only one by one or in piecemeal.

Living together by an unmarried man and unmarried woman without getting married has become a fashion today.The persons living together consider it hassle free, since they need not get married and they need not worry about the legal formalities, such as getting a license for their marriage to get married and getting their marriage registered and above all spending any amount for their marriage etc.When the persons living together want to get separated, they can do it at their will and simply bid farewell to each other without unduly worrying about the protracted legal proceedings for getting divorced and without spending a single penny towards the legal proceedings.However, living together has its own drawbacks.The children born out of living together will not be legitimate and their future hangs in the balance with a big question mark lying before them.Having their custody is  also a problem, since it has no legal sanction.If a person in living together relationship decides to part his or her ways with his or her partner and if he goes to the court to get legal sanction for his separation,it will become his burden to prove his living together with his partner.Unless he has concrete proof or documentary evidence to prove his relationship with his partner,he will definitely be running from pillar to post searching for a legal remedy.



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