My daughter attained her motherhood at Motherhood, a posh maternity hospital in Chennai and gave birth to a girl child namely ‘Kanishka’.The newly born baby was named as such according to her birth star ‘Thiruvonam’ since she was born at 11.36 a.m on 13/09/2016.Generally, it is said that giving birth to a girl child at Thiruvonam star is considered as rather good and auspicious, thanks to my daughters inability to deliver her child in normal delivery, eventhough, the medical team from the hospital did their best since 12 th evening .However, since it did not happen, my daughter’s doctor, Dr.Meera Ragavan adviced my daughter to go for a hysterectomy surgery to have  the safe delivery of the baby, besides ensuring her safety.Before resorting to hysterectomy, the medical team also obtained the consent of her husband.

Of course,the decision for a hysterectomy was taken only at 1100 a.m.The surgery was over within ten minutes and by 11.40 a.m, I could see the newly born baby.My daughter also did not suffer much due to the hysterectomy surgery, because,the surgery was done with such a precision within a few minutes with advanced medical technology available in the medical field.In fact,my daughter did not have any switchers for the hysterectomy surgery that she underwent and so she did not receive any threats  from the hospital in the post operative period.about her surgery wound.It was really surprising to note that after undergoing hysterectomy surgery, the next day my daughter managed to walk on her own without any assistance to attend her natures call.On the second day after surgery, her surgery wound had already healed and actually she required very little post operative care.

The  girl baby looked beautiful and she weighed 3.7 kg at the time of delivery.The medical team also cleaned the newly born baby as quickly as possible and a nurse even had the baby bathed in a special room that was meant for it.The babys father and his sister could even watch it through a glass panel.

Since it was a hysterectomy surgery my daughter and the newly born baby had to be kept in the hospital for a few days more for a post operative care of the mother as well as the baby.From the second day onwards after her surgery, my daughter was provided with a normal diet and she could also able to mother feed her baby.

This article would not be complete, if I failed to narrate my own experience in the hospital.The lift system they maintained in the hospital was very prompt and the canteen they had at the fifth floor was good and hygienic.I along with a few guests had to wait in the reception hall for a few hours during the hysterectomy surgery in the second floor where my daughter was allotted room No.209 for her and her newly born baby.In the meanwhile,I could read some beautiful magazines pertaining to fashion, Culture and baby care etc.In the fashion magazine, I could read an interesting article contributed by Anu Hasan, in which she narrated about the dinner that she had in a posh hotel along with her friends whom she fondly refered to as three musketeers and her mock fencing duel with a world famous champion.The Culture magazine that specialised the North Eastern states was very good.In the article on the North Eastern States that I really enjoyed,I was really astonished  to learn that in the State of Tripura they had only one National Highway that provided the link  between Tripura and her neighbouring states.

On 16/09/2016 at about 16.30 p.m, I got my daughter along with her newly born baby discharged from the hospital after completing the other formalities of making payment for the prompt medical services they had rendered.However,before leaving the hospital, a medical team arrived at Room No.209 to give my daughter a series of instructions to follow to maintain her health and her newly born baby as well.Really, it was a world class experience from a maternity hospital with ultra modern and high tech medical facilties.Thanks  to Motherhood for the fantastic medical service they had rendered to my daughter and to my newly born grand daughter ‘Kanishka’.Really it was an unforgettable experience..


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