via Daily Prompt: Passionate

One who has a deep liking for something is said to be having passion for that and he is said to be passionate about what he likes most.

Sachin Tendulkar had a genuine passion for cricket and he was said to be passionate about cricket.

In other words one who is passionate about is what he is keenly interested in..

It is generally believed that any one who is passionate about anything is bound to be successful in what he is doing.

As far as writers are concerned they can establish themselves when they are passionate about writing.If a writer is not passionate about what he is doing, he cannot achieve anything significant in his writing career regardless of the number of years he has been writing.

Reasontly, P.V.Sindhu from India who was a very passionate player of Ball badminton was a finalist in recently held Rio Olympics and went on to win silver medal for India.Incidentally it was Sindhu who was the first silver medalist for India in Rio Olympics.and salvaged the India’s prestige to a large extent.

I am a late bloomer, but I am very passionate in writing and want to excel as a writer.I hope that my passion for writing will ultimately lead me towards my cherished goal, regardless of my age.Despite facing many criticisms from all quarters, still I believe that being passionate about writing will help me to achieve what I crave for.


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