via Daily Prompt: Hike

The word hike can be used both as a verb as well as a noun, whose meaning is

i) to have a long walk


ii) to raise or increase

Whenever I go to my native place, I used to hike in the country side for many kilo meters which will be a pleasant experience.I used to hike very early morning, and thereby inhale fresh air, besides hearing some sweet singing by the cuckoo birds.Besides, it will be always pleasure to watch nature at its best in the early morning, feeling its chillness, hearing the sounds of the insects in quorus.Being very early morning, I cannot see anyone on the countryside.Sometimes,if you are weakminded, such unusual atmosphere, will create a sort of fear and uneasiness in your mind.However, having hailed from the countryside, I don’t feel like that, whenever I hike in the countryside.

On the economic front, the word ‘hike’ meaning raise or increase is quite popular and used quite often in India.Since the price control on petrol and diesel has been decentralised, their price is hiked quite often and occasionally decreased.It is said that any hike in the crude oil price in the gulf countries will have its ramifications in India, quite often leading to the hike in the price of petrol and diesel.Periodical hike in the oil price is leading to the hike in the whole sale price index which is popularly called as CPI or consumer price index.Any hike in the CPI will have its impact on the market, creating a natural hike on the prices of essential commodities such as pulses, edible oils,vegetables and fruits etc.A hike on the prices of essential commodities and the whole sale consumer price index will lead to the periodical hike in the dearness allowance paid to the Central Government employees and the pensioners as well.On hearing the Central Government’s announcement of DA for her employees and the pensioners, the state Government employees will in turn raise a hue and cry  as against their State Government, demanding a hike in their DA.Similarly, an increase in the DA will lead to a hike, if not a hike, a demand for the hike will be made by the the temporary employees, laborers and coolies, in their wages and salaries.

Thus any hike on the price of petroleum and diesel will have a series of impact on the economy of India.Therefore, the word hike always poses a threat to the common man in India.


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