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Wooing Silence

It was 0500 p.m.

Even after the arrival of Dhanush, Kanishka refused to speak with him.They were silent for a few minutes.It was Kanishka who broke the silence.

‘Dhanush!… Hello, Dhanush, can you hear me? ..I asked you to meet me at 0400 p.m. But you are too lethargic.This is just our second meeting.Though we love each other,I know very little about you….Thats why I wanted to meet you….I have been waiting here for over an hour.Won’t you say even a hello?”Kanishka was very tense.

‘Hello, Kanishka! I am sorry, I am late.’

Kanishka looked at him rather angrily.Dhanush could not face her, but simply turned his face sideways and again relapsed into silence.They were sitting facing each other under a neem tree.It was very cool and breezy.

‘Dhanush, do you know why did I fall in love with you?’


‘Dhanush, come on, tell me,… do you know why I am loving you?’

‘Sorry, I don’t know.’

‘It is your silence; I mean your calm demeanor… and you being a man of few words…attracted me  towards you…’

Dhanush simply grinned.

‘Don’t you have any opinion on what I told you?’

‘I am really glad to know that  you love me for what I am.!’

‘Dhanush, thanks for endorsing my view… Won’t you tell me, how did you fall in love with me?…Is it my beauty? …Is it my  open mindedness?… Is it my style, grace or dressing sense?… or is it because that I look a little bit sexy?’

‘No.. No..It is none of them.’

‘Come on just tell me what made you to fall in love with me?’

‘I am afraid that you may be mistaken …You may even get angry if I tell you.’

‘Dhanush, I won’t. … after all you are my love…You are my darling..Definitely I won’t get angry… Please … Please… Please … Tell me … Tell me Dhanush…’


‘Danush…Come on .. tell me… I can’t  wait for your suspense anymore.’

‘I love you because you are more talkative than others.’

Kanishaka was stunned….After a while,again it was Kanishka who broke the silence.

‘Dhanush, I can’t really understand.You are mostly silent…But I am always talkative.How  our personalities will sync?’

‘That’s what I have been doing for the past half an hour.To say the least, whenever you remain talkative, I am wont to remain silent as ever.That’s how our personalities will sync… that’s how our love will thrive.Is that clear?’

‘My goodness !! Is it Dhanush ? You have almost given a lecture on our love.Congrats!’ Kanishka shook his hands firmly.Going a step further, she moved very close to him and looked into his eyes deeply.


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