via Daily Prompt: Dilemma

I had been in dilemma five years ago for the following reason:One of my close friend had fixed his marriage on 22/09/2011, at Villupuram,between 0430 and 0600 a.m.However, one of my close relatives, on my wife side, had fixed his daughter’s marriage at the same time in Chennai, some 160 k.m away from Villupuram.Both had invited me in person for their respective marriage.I was terribly in dilemma on that day as to whose marriage that I had to attend.I had no other go but to choose between the two.Since, one of them was a close  relative marriage that too on my wife side, I preferred to attend the marriage in Chennai, accompanied by my wife.However, I wished my  friend over phone and sent him my costly presentation through my another close friend..

On returning from Chennai after attending my relative marriage, I was terribly shocked to know that my friend did not accept the presentation sent through my friend.I immediately tried to speak with him over phone and just to enquire about his marriage.But he did not answer.I also tried to contact him in person.He did not respond.I was terribly upset.I pitied my friend for his immaturity and for his adamant attitude.It seemed that he severed my friendship unilaterally.Immediately after the marriage, he was transfered to Chennai.He went to Chennai without informing me.But I could not digest his indifference shown towards me.The loss of his friendship has been haunting me for the past five years.

Today is his 5 th marriage anniversary day.I heard that my friend had got promoted to a powerful position, immediately after his marriage.I also came to know that a male child was born to him most recently.Hence, I tried to contact him over phone.

He was on the line.

‘Hello, my dear friend, I am Ram from Villupuram.Happy marriage anniversary, many more returns of the day!’

‘I am sorry, wrong number.’

He disconnected his phone immediately.I  was terribly upset.

Just because, I was in dilemma, I could not attend his marriage.It led to the loss of his friendship.What an irony!I can not even now digest it..



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