via Daily Prompt: Unfinished

The Unfinished Tasks

We, the human beings, achieve a lot in our lifetime.However, since our life is short,we leave many unfinished tasks during our death.For example, a man, as the head of a family, otherwise so successful during his lifetime, due to his sudden death leaves some unfinished tasks, such as, unresolved dispute over the immovable property that he recently purchased when he was alive, an unresolved matrimonial dispute of his married daughter,not performing the marriage of his son or daughter,etc.In fact, the sudden death of the head of the family, virtually creates a vacuum and the unfinished tasks that he leaves remain unfinished until somebody takes over them.Besides,the human beings are always ambitious or driven by passion.Hence, it is quite natural that they finish some of their tasks in their lifetime  and leave a few unfinished tasks too on their demise.In fact, the unfinished tasks left by a human being loom large over his death bed.

In a democratic country like India, a successful political party that comes to power, with an election manifesto that contains a series of tasks, invariably tries its best to fulfill its electoral promises made to the people, to be exact, the electorate, who voted them to power.A democratic government is by and large successful when the leadership is dynamic, farsighted and with a bundle of common sense and when the ruling party manages to get the co-operation of the opposition parties, in finishing their tasks.A party that promises a lot to come to power may not be able to fulfill all  of them and leaves many unfinished tasks when it  gets defeated in the next election and no longer holds power.Most of the unfinished tasks left by a previous government hang in balance since the alternative party that wins the election and comes to power virtually concentrates on its own poll promise made during the election.However,sometimes, if a task or scheme that is under progress is most popular, such as the noon meal scheme or  providing free  medical insurance to the people, or  a scheme under which old age pension is provided by the Government to the aged people, are being continued by the successive governments.

The concept of unfinished tasks equally applies to the writers, who are always ambitious and passionate about their cherished dream or profession called writing.Writing being a creative profession, requires tremendous hard work involving both reading and writing.Every writer strives his best to write as much as possible to leave his imprint on the writing world and to augment his income.In the process, a writer finishes many tasks during his lifetime and thereby publishes his books.Sometimes, some of the ideas or projects of a writer may get shelved due to his personal problems such as his inability due to his old age, failing health and time constraints.Hence, a writer is forced to leave some of his projects unfinished.For example, R.K.Narayan, an acclaimed Indian writer, in his last days, actually had some ideas of writing a memoir, when he was staying in the house of his granddaughter.However, due to his failing health, R.K.Narayan could not finish his project and he died leaving that project unfinished.

Therefore, to minimize the unfinished tasks in our lifetime and to avoid the mental stress that emanates from the unfinished tasks, we may need to have proper planning, besides strictly following the time management techniques.



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