via Daily Prompt: Breakthrough

Awaited Breakthroughs

When Alexander Fleming accidentally invented ‘Penicillin’, he never knew that he had made a major breakthrough in the world of medicine especially in inventing antibiotics. However, we have  a number of problems or issues in the present world requiring breakthroughs in the scientific,political, social and economic front.

Medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds by virtue of continuous research.It has advanced to unimaginable proportions with so many specializations.Today’s medical world offers solutions to almost all human sufferings or diseases.Still, there exists is one major issue requiring a breakthrough in the medical field.Though the issue or problem may seem quite simple, still it is a vexing question requiring a breakthrough.We all know when a woman is conceived,one single egg in her womb gets fertilized, which is a single cell.By the process of cell division, the fertilized egg grows or divides further into two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two etc, in the result of which a fetus develops into a full-fledged baby.Though at first, a fertilized egg divides into two forming the same type of cell, later on, when the cell grows into a fetus, it gets divided into different types of cells called blood cells, skin cells, bone cells and so on.Though medical science is very advanced, still it can not offer a solution or achieve a breakthrough and explain how a single fertilized egg gets divided into different types of cells as the fetus grows.

In politics, throughout the world, we have many important issues awaiting major breakthroughs.The issue of international terrorism has always been a threat and raising its ugly head now and then in various parts of the world.For example, India is time and again attacked by terrorists, killing hapless human beings without any mercy.Despite taking harsh steps, India cannot achieve any major breakthrough to eradicate terrorism from her soil.Nor the international community has achieved any major breakthrough to quell terrorism effectively.

The Indo-Pak relations has always remain strained, thanks to Kashmir issue which is awaiting a solution and major breakthrough, ever since both India and Pakistan became independent.Though India has always been ready and willing to solve the issue through bilateral talks, Pakistan has been very particular in dragging the matter to the international forum.

India has miserably failed to achieve any major breakthrough in solving the problem of sharing river water among the riparian states.Recently, the neighboring riparian states Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has been vehemently fighting in the street for sharing the Cauvery water.India knowing pretty well that nationalizing and linking the Indian rivers is the only way to solve the problem of riparian states, still, it cannot achieve any major breakthrough for the reasons best known to her.

On the Social front,knowing pretty well that untouchability is inhuman and the caste system is a social evil, still, India has not achieved any major breakthrough in abolishing the caste system in India.Hence, the Indian society remains divided as ever.

India remains the second highest populous country in the world with over 120 crores and it will become the No.1 as the Highest populous country in the near future.Despite taking steps, India so far cannot achieve any major breakthrough in effectively controlling the growth of her population.

In the economic front, the gulf between the haves and the have-nots has been widening day by day.The rich countries of the world, G7, in particular, have not taken any major step achieving a breakthrough in narrowing the gaps between the haves and have-nots.



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