‘What if?’ is an idea booster to write an article or an essay or a story or a poem, if you are staring at your computer screen bereft of ideas. In other words, ‘What if’ redeems you, if you are suffering from a mental bloc. Thanks to ‘Write Practice’ in which I recently stumbled upon this idea booster from an article written by a guest blogger. In fact, of the three ideas mentioned therein, ‘what if ‘ was the most impressive one, because of its immense potential for writing. In fact ‘what if ‘ is hypothetical in connotation; if expressed or completed meaningfully in tune with the current and available trends, you may develop them into great articles.

As an idea booster ‘what if ‘can be interpreted either way into a positive or negative mode.

‘What if’ in a positive mode:

‘What if I win the match?’ ‘What if my girl friend accepts my love?’ ‘What if India wins the T20 series in Australia?’ ‘What if the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu prolongs her medical treatment at Appollo hospital?”‘What if the scientists discover a second solar system’ ‘What if Mr.Trump or Mrs.Clinton becomes the US president?’ As a writer, if you answer each of these questions, or develop them with your own ideas, perhaps you may have great articles  to publish.

Coming to the current test series with New Zealand.Having gone up 2-0 and won the test series against New Zealand, India as a test playing country regained No.1 ranking in the test cricket.’What if India wins the third test also? Will it be a whitewash for New Zealand?’ and ‘Will India consolidate her top spot by virtue of her clean sweep?’ ‘What if Pakistan wins the forthcoming test series against the West Indies? and Will Pakistan regain the top spot?’

‘What if my girl friend accepts my love?”: So far my girl friend has been a nice friend of mine. I am going to develop that friendship further. I want to make her my darling.Hence I have to propose her my love tomorrow itself. The very thought of proposing my love makes me very lighter and I almost fly in the air. If she accepts my love, what I have to do? The very thought of her accepting my love and me becoming her lover tickles my nerves. I can’t stand steadily on this earth. Ok,ok, let me be cool. What is the next step? How long that love will last? When we should bring it to the knowledge of our parents?’Will they accept our love? By Gods  grace they accept it. Then what? I have to get married her and my lover will become my wife. I will live happily thereafter’

‘What if the scientists discover a second solar system?’

Will the second solar system also have nine planets like ours or more? Will there be an earth too? Will it be fit for human habitation? How long it will be from the earth? How to go there? Who will go there first? Will it be India or China or US?

Thus each question can be developed into an interesting article.

‘What if ‘in a negative mode:-

Similarly, if you use ‘What if ?’ in a negative connotation, you will also have fertile source of information for your articles.

For example:

‘What if our parents do not approve our love?’What if a Third World War breaks out?’ ‘What if there will be a second recession in US?”What if the totalitarian Chinese Government breaks down?’ ‘What if petrol reserves are completely exhausted in the World?’ ‘What if India abolishes caste system by one stroke of pen?’What if Trump adopts a tough stance against India?’ Such negative questions will actually stimulate a healthy thinking and motivate the parties concerned to take appropriate action well in advance to prevent the impending disaster. I would like to write a few words on this question:

‘What if our parents do not approve our love?’

‘Should we get married without their consent?”What if our parents prefer a complaint against us in the police station alleging  that my lover is a minor?’ ‘ Should they file any case against us?’ “how to safeguard ourselves against any such eventuality?’..

‘What if India abolishes caste system by one stroke of pen?

First of all the very idea of abolishing caste system in India by one stroke of pen is highly unlikely because the caste system originated time immemorial in India. Though in the recent past, the dalits, the lower caste people undergo untold sufferings than other upper caste people, still it is not that much easy to abolish the caste system in India. There are more than 3000 caste based divisions and the caste system in India strongly entrenched in the Indian society, besides being backed by politicians for vote bank politics. If Lincoln could emancipate slavery in one stroke, why not India can do away with the caste system? In fact, the Indian caste system is more complex than the slavery in US. Besides, it is deep rooted in the Indian society enjoying religious sanction. But it was not the case with the Slavery in US. It was actually imported from elsewhere and subsequently done away with by the former president Lincoln.

‘What if a third world war breaks out?’

This question is highly hypothetical. Gone are the days of war mongers who believed in imperialism. If third world war breaks out, it will lead to a nuclear holocaust. Despite having nuclear weapons, super powers such as US, USSR, China and India always maintain restraint. They know pretty well that the ill effects of nuclear weapons used even in one place will spread to other countries. Besides, we have UNO to intervene and mediate between the world countries in case of any third world war. The world countries are more organized than ever. Hence, the outbreak of third world war is highly unlikely.

Thus ‘What if’ as an idea booster facilitates or leads to series of questions in the relevant subject matter and motivates you towards further research. Ultimately, it drags you deeply in the subject concerned and the net result will always be good leading to various forms of writing.

‘The role of ‘What if ‘ in preventing writers block is very significant. If you are well versed in utilizing ‘What if ‘ as an idea booster, you may have plenty of ideas to write;you may not have any scope to complain about writers block.


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