via Daily Prompt: Waiting

Though the word ‘waiting’ looks quite ordinary just like an unassuming person, used in different contexts it may create havoc in you.

If you are an average student and not much interested in studies, waiting for the results of an examination is really excruciating.

Having proposed your love to your lover and waiting for her response is really a killing experience.

You are contesting for an MLA or MP seat for a popular party.After a hectic campaign,the election day comes.The polling is over.You have spent crores of rupees for the election.The counting of votes has begun.You are rather anxious.In fact, your future political career depends on the outcome of the election.If you win the election you have a bright future in the party.If you lose the election, your political career hangs in the balance.The votes are being counted today.The voting trend is fluctuating.You are rather anxious.Though you are waiting in the air-conditioned room, you are sweating profusely.The latest trend shows that you are trailing by a slender margin.Only a few rounds of counting remains.You cannot wait anymore.You rush to the counting center.It takes just ten minutes.Meanwhile, your mobile phone rings up.It is a call from one of your close confident.You answer the call.’Ram, now you are leading by a slender margin.Only the last round of counting remains’.On reaching the counting center, you are ceremoniously welcomed by your party men.You have won the election by a thin margin.You heave a sigh of relief.

Thus waiting can be killing at times.


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