via Daily Prompt: Ancient

I need a Time Machine urgently.

I am obsessed with the modern world, its technology,its culture,its economy, its politics, especially the Indian politics and the all-pervading terrorism etc.I want to travel in a pollution free atmosphere to the ancient world for which I need a Time Machine urgently.Can anybody tell me how and where to hire a Time Machine?

I have a specific purpose in traveling to the ancient world.I want to travel back to 3250 B.C to 2750 B.C, exactly the period during which the Indus Valley Civilisation was said to have flourished. My specific purpose of traveling back to the ancient Indus valley civilization is to decipher the Indus script.After researching painstakingly for over a period of 30 days, I have got an idea to decipher the Indus script.I strongly believe, the Indus script will offer a solution to many sensitive unsolved issues of modern India.

You may wonder, how an undeciphered script of a bygone era, will be a panacea to solve many mysteries of the modern India.I strongly believe that Indus scripts are something like astrological notes which I may easily read and release their reports in piecemeal through some popular dailies in North and South India.By that way, I hope to become something like a messiah in the modern India.

I wonder where these Time Machines are stationed, how they are maintained and how much they are charging per thousands and thousands of miles of travel in the Time Machine.I am also in a dilemma what currency they use and whether I can use my debit or credit cards there.I am also at a loss to know how long I have to travel in the Time Machine and I wonder will there be a stop over anywhere till I reach 3250 B.C to 2750 B.C.Of course, I don’t have any idea what they will provide for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner etc.The very idea that I may have to starve on the way till I reach the Indus Valley Civilisation also confuses me a little bit.But one of my friends says that while traveling in the Time Machine, we may not have any appetite or hunger.

All these thinking instead of discouraging me from traveling in the Time Machine actually encourage me to travel in the Time Machine as early as possible.




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