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Is India a real Welfare State?

India boasts that it is a welfare state and spends millions of rupees for the welfare of the people every year.But the moot question is  whether India is really welfare state?There are umpteen numbers of reasons for raising this doubt.Our former Prime Minster late.Rajiv Gandhi rightly pointed out of every rupee spent for the welfare of the people,only ten paise reaches the common man.The remaining 90 paise goes to the coffers of the intermediaries en route.Hence it leads to the unequal distribution of wealth.The net result is there is an ever growing wide gulf between the haves and have-nots.Though the Indian economy is strong enough  even to withstand the onslaught of the worldwide recession, still we can reasonably say that all is not well with it.Then you may ask what ails the Indian economy?Perhaps the following factors are her stumbling blocks: 1) The ever growing population of India which now stands at more than 120 crores and it is the second highest in the world.In the near future, India may surpass China in becoming No.1 in the population.2)Corruption: Though corruption is the world phenomenon, it does not absolve us from our responsibility of wiping it out from the grass root level.Unfortunately, corruption has become the part and parcel of our society and the people have adopted it as a lifestyle.Though we have anti-corruption laws, we violate them more than we follow.It shows that people are lacking in awareness and easy going. Having adopted corruption as part of their lifestyle, they react only rarely in rooting out the corruption from the society.

With regard to her population growth, though our government is serious enough in checking her population growth, by introducing one family two child policy, still India cannot boast that it has effectively controlled her population growth.Like China, India may need to introduce one family one child program.But the real problem in implementing such policy is unlike China, India being a democratic country, it cannot force the people to adopt one family one child policy.But India needs to step up her programs in spreading awareness among the people about the necessity of reducing or controlling her population.

India requires stringent anti-corruption laws to cleanse her stables.Besides, India may have to spread its awareness programs to root out corruption from the grassroots level. The anti-corruption laws should be introduced at the school level in a simplified and easy to understand format.If we inculcate the spirit of honesty, integrity, and eschewing bribery etc in their early childhood, perhaps in one or two decades, India may have committed citizens who remain anti-corruption to the core.

Above all India requires committed leaders like Mahatma to believe in the means justify the end.


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