You are already familiar with what a complaint is.Now I am going to deal with some specific cases of complaint which you come across in your day to day life.

Nuances of the complaint:

Apart from having the general elements, your complaint should be more specific, relevant, to the point, precise and above all be honest.Before drafting a complaint you should gather all the relevant facts, if necessary, it is useful to have notes on it.There is absolutely no scope for imagination or being creative while drafting a complaint.You should draft it as tight as possible without any scope for redundancy.As somebody puts it, you should draft a complaint as carefully as you write a short story without any scope for any single word to be considered as superfluous.Above all the logic behind preferring a complaint is to get rid of your grievances as amicably as possible against whom you are complaining.Hence, the tone of your complaint should always be mild but it should never be harsh so as to antagonize the concerned person. Hence, drafting a complaint being complex in nature, it is always advisable to engage people who are adept in drafting complaints.

There are some specific cases wherein your complaint needs special attention.

A consumer complaint:-

It is true ‘consumer is a king’.Still, as a consumer, you may have some grievances against a product that you purchased from a dealer or against the building contractor whose services that you availed for building your house.Before preferring a complaint to the dealer or to the building contractor, collect all the documents.In the case of a product, say  you have purchased a two wheeler of a reputed company. Still, it develops snags frequently.In the house built by the building contractor, he has left a few works unfinished as against the terms of the agreement.Your complaint should be mild as against the two wheeler dealer or the service provider and the complaint should specifically contain nothing but facts and your actual grievances.After allowing a reasonable time to get rid of your grievances, if you are not satisfied with the dealer or the service provider, you can proceed against them, by engaging an advocate.

Complaint involving the Motor Accident:-

A complaint involving a motor accident case is more serious.When your close friend or relative meets with a fatal accident, you should complain to the concerned police station within whose jurisdiction the accident takes place.Your complaint should be accurate containing the details of the accident, persons involved, details about the driver and the vehicle, date and place of the accident if the accident is fatal, the details of the injuries suffered by the victim, if any, and the details of employment if any, held by the victim who died in the accident, exact location or landmark where the accident took place etc.The accuracy of your complaint ensures its speedy disposal.

Complaint involving harassment for Dowry:-

It is a typical Indian problem.Such complaints should be preferred at the earliest immediately after its occurrence. Because, if a complaint involving dowry harassment after 7 years of a person’s marriage is specifically barred by the act.So any form of dowry harassment should be nipped in the bud.Your complaint involving a criminal offense should contain accurate facts with material evidence and it should be preferred at the earliest.It will not only be helpful to punish the offender as quickly as possible, besides preventing its recurrence.

False Complaints:

The false complaints are always preferred against some hapless victims perhaps out of vengeance, either personal or political.But they will not stand the scrutiny of law since such complaints are badly drafted with false facts.Complaints preferred under the SC/ST act are mostly false complaints and the victims after being subjected to unnecessary harassment are ultimately acquitted.Domestic Violence Act and Dowry Prohibition Act are at times misused, by the housewives simply to harass their hapless husbands, perhaps at the instance of their parents.Hence, the false complaints are the proverbial house of cards and in the absence of material evidence or correct facts, they will not stand the scrutiny of law.

Hence, complaints are such fine tools to get your legitimate grievances redressed.However, you should use them judiciously and tactfully.Otherwise, they may lead to abuse of process of law and ultimately you may fail miserably to stand the test of law.


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