via Daily Prompt: Sincere

Sincerity begins at Home.

Being sincere means doing something right in earnest.It is an attitude which has got to be cultivated from one’s childhood days.Once you learn to be sincere in whatever you are doing it pays recurring dividends in the long run.You have to got be sincere in cultivating this habit or attitude in your child very early.Once the child picks up that habit, your burden of rearing up your child almost done nonchalantly.Then the child will be sincere in his studies, in sports and in whatever he is doing.When the child grows up into an adult, it will develop the sincere friendship or if he falls in love, he will be sincere in his love too.Getting through any examination in any class, whether it is in the childhood or in the adulthood, a sincere child will always come up with flying colors.Then getting a job is a cakewalk.Once the grown-up child turns into a man or woman, his sincerity begins to pay him the recurring dividends, in the form of achievements in his academic pursuits and in his chosen career.If the child is sincere in sports,the child will shine in sports too.Besides, a grown up child, not only learn to be self-reliant but also take care of  others who need help and support.No doubt, a sincere child will have regards for his aged parents also.When a child is sincere in whatever he is doing, he will not get deviated from his good character and so the child will grow up into a responsible citizen in the society also.A responsible citizen will also be ready to do anything for the cause of his nation or country.So, a child who has grown up into a great man by virtue his sincerity,we can reasonably conclude, sincerity begins at Home.


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