When you are more concerned about the quality of your writing and its content, this is for you.You should know what clumsy writing is.It may be even a little bit amusing.The more you know about clumsy writing, the more quality your writing will have and you can be damn sure that your writing is bound to improve.It is just like learning more about a bad character to develop a good character.Learning about clumsy writing means what your writing ought not to be and what your writing ought to be.

Clumsy writing defined:-

Clumsy writing is nothing but writing something rather awkwardly without any skill.Every one of us is acquainted with it.When you write something seriously, your first draft sometimes sucks and looks clumsy.In the case of a beginner or a newbie,his writing will always have a clumsy beginning.A clumsy writing will be lacking in cogency, besides being incoherent,unintelligible and so it will be unable to comprehend.Above all a clumsy writing defies logic and mostly remains incomplete.After all, writing is to read and easy to understand.But clumsy writing negates the very purpose and meaning of writing, whether it is fiction or non-fiction.

Be an avid reader and habitual writer:-

One may wonder whether clumsy writing can be overcome overnight.Definitely not.While clumsy writing being the outcome of a writer lacking adequate skills,the actual solution or remedy lies in equipping the writing skills of a writer.A writer can develop his writing skills by being an avid reader of the writings of skillful writers and write regularly on any topic which interests him.Until a writer becomes more skillful in a particular genre, he has to read as much as possible whatever he comes across.Even then a writer has to keep on reading and writing to get himself updated and to keep in touch with until his last breath to remain a skillful writer forever and to be in the hunt or in demand as a writer.The moment a writer stops the reading habit, he becomes obsolete and loses his market as a writer.Besides, his writings unconsciously become clumsy.

Rewrite, Proofread, and Edit before publishing your writing:-

In order to avoid clumsy writing, a writer has to time and again read his writings leisurely and rewrite them if necessary.Proofreading your writing is a must to remove the elements of clumsy writing.Be in constant touch with a dictionary or a grammar book or when you proofread or edit your writings online, Grammarly will be more useful.If you are confident of self-editing your writings, it is well and good.However, engaging professional editors for editing your writings will not only make your writings tight but will also add an element of professionalism to your writing.

By following the above guidelines scrupulously, your writings attain the requisite quality in writing besides making you as a more skillful writer.In the process, you can reasonably avoid clumsy writing.


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