via Daily Prompt: Filthy

Eschew filthy words!

My Dear Friend,

This is an open letter for you.You are an addict in social media.I hope as soon as I complete this letter and share it in social media, definitely, you will know that this is meant for you.Though you are incorrigible in using filthy words,it is my sincere attempt to mend you at least to some extent.Unlike you,I will see that I will not use a single filthy word against you throughout this letter.In fact,there is absolutely no necessity at all.I know that you have hailed from a humble beginning.You had told me in a choked voice that you are a son of a prostitute and you don’t know who your father was.When you were born,your mother abandoned you at the hospital.Fortunately, yet another prostitute who came to deliver her baby picked up you and you were brought up in a brothel house.I still remember your pathetic story, how you had cried nonstop for a number of days yearning for mother’s milk.You were grown at the mercy of some kind-hearted prostitutes, who even fed you from their breasts.You grew up hearing sexy speeches and filthy words.Somehow you had managed to escape from the brothel house at the age of seven.By that time you had learned a lot of filthy words.Fortunately and accidentally when you joined a home for orphans,your raw behavior continued.You used filthy words rather frequently in your conversation with people.But thanks to the noble soul, I mean,the person who ran the orphanage saved you time and again from the thrashing of others.Thank God, you had successfully completed your school education with flying colors with his support.You were also lucky that a rich lady adopted you as her son at the age of 20.By God’s Grace now you are an engineer in an MNC.I am your colleague.I know that you still use filthy language against your coworkers and you have become a nuisance to them.Now you are under suspension for 15 days.As a close friend, it is my duty to save you from further complications.After all, you have reached this stage by crossing so many hurdles.Don’t worry you will become alright in due course.Before signing off, I want to quote from the world famous¬†Thirukkural:’Using filthy words is just like eating raw and unripened fruits,instead of having the available delicious ripened fruits.’

With due regards.
Your Loving Friend.


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