Do you expect something from some body?

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Human relations is an art.You become an adept in it as you grow in age and as your relationship grows.When you are single you are self-dependant and you have no reason to expect anything from any body.However, despite being single, when you get employed, you enter into an official relationship with your colleagues and with your boss or your immediate superior. By virtue of your employment, you are forced into inter-se relationship with your colleagues in your office.In fact you are the head of an organ in the structure of your office what is called organisation.As an official or employee of your organisation you are duty bound and you complete your assigned work.

On your personal side,when you get married your single status is gone and you have a life partner called wife.You go into family way and by that way you have a family relationship.As days goes by, by virtue of your cohabitation, your wife begets a child and naturally the size of your family grows.

By virtue of your employment you are an employee or an official in the organisation in which you are employed.By virtue of your marriage, you have got a spouse and children.Now the moot question is what governs your official and family relationship?Are you self-reliant in your office and in your family? Do you expect any thing from your colleagues in your office in the course of your offcial relationship and do you expect anything from your wife in the course of your family relationship?

Bagavad Gita says:’Do your duty;Don’t expect any benefit in return.’What Gita says is idealistic and it applies only to the interse relationship between you and your family members.However,in any organisation in which you are a paid employee, the organisation expects an output or result from you what is called productivity in tune with your ability or capacity and your power.

In your family,your wife expects a living standard in tune with your earning capacity.In turn you expect a natural care, love and affection from your wife and your children expect a caring coupled with love and affection.

After all you are social animal.Whether it be your office or your family, you have to necessarily mingle with others.In your office, though you have a role to play with,you are inter dependant with your colleagues.In your house, you and your wife have separate and individual roles to play with but within the ambit of your family.And so it is quite natural to expect something as an official from your colleagues and as the head of the family from your family members.If anything goes wrong, it disrupts your official duty and you get estranged from your family.

When you fail or neglect your official duty or your output from your work or employment does not match your colleagues or does not attain a minimum expected standard of your company or your employer, disciplinary action is taken against you for your dereliction of your duty as per the rules and regulations of your organisation.If your employer happens to be in the category of unorganised sector, the punishment you get may be even severe.In an organised sector, you are punished according to the gravity of your mistake or error and in extreme cases, the employer may suspend you or even dismiss you from service.

Being the family man or the head of a family, you are under the moral obligation and it is your bounden duty to maintain your family.When you fail or neglect your family, your dependants suffer and in the absence of any source to maintain themselves,they may seek the intervention of the court to get maintenance from you.In case of any marital dispute that arise between you and your spouse, you or your spouse may seek appropriate reliefs through a court of law.

In a peaceful family, when your children are grown up, you are bound to educate them; once they finish their education, you have to guide them in seeking  suitable employments for them.When you have aged parents, your duty is to maintain them with love and affection.As and when your children attain their age for marriage, you may arrange their marriage and when they fall in love, then you have to see that it culminates into marriage as smoothly as possible.However,these are all only your obligations and duties of a parent.But as a father, you cannot expect anything in return from your children and even from your spouse.

Apart from the official relationship with your employer in the organisation in which you are employed and in your personal relationship with your family members,you have an outer world in which you come across many people.


Fortune Favors the Brave!

From my school days, almost all my teachers,and when I got employed,almost all my colleagues,when I got married, my wife, when I got enrolled as a lawyer, almost all my fellow lawyers advised me,’Don’t be timid; Always be brave.’

But only a few people including my wife and perhaps my parents knew that by nature I was timid and dull, because I was the single son of my parents and I had no company from my childhood days to play with.I was brought up as such.So I always remained a dull boy.

It was only in school I was among the children and even there I did not have many friends.One or two friends that I had were actually impressed by my ability to read and write well.

As I grew up, especially in my college days,I became conscious of the fact that I always remained reserved and isolated.I tried my best to overcome my drawbacks, but could not make any significant breakthrough.However, by virtue of my good performance in my studies,I could get a decent job in the Government sector.At the age of 25, when I got married,I had a permanent company in my wife.While she was free in her movements, I always remained dull.In fact I did not know how to behave or keep company with her.It was my wife who taught me everything.

By and by, I moved freely with my wife and the credit of changing my behaviour entirely went to her.Realising that I was academically good, my wife goaded me into further studies.It was she who frequently made me conscious of the fact that I had to give up my timidity and be brave.’

When I became a lawyer, still I remained reserved and kept aloof and did not mingle with others freely.After all the duty of a lawyer is to boldly represent his client’s case to the court and win.Despite reading a lot and preparing well,I could not achieve much in my profession, because of my timidity and my inability to communicate effectively. Realising my difficulties,my wife felt sorry for me.However, time and again, she encouraged me to remain bold and brave.

One day I was in the court hall to argue one of my client’s case.I was waiting for my turn.Suddenly I was surprised to see that my wife entered into the court hall and sat among the clients.A few friends( my fellow lawyers), who knew us well,also watched it and raised their eye brows.They even whispered in my ears about her arrival.But I didn’t say anything and remained calm and waited for my turn.Within a few minutes I was called upon to argue my case.Before proceeding, I looked at my wife.She smiled at me.

I began my arguments and continued in a clear and bold voice more than an hour.The judge was perhaps impressed by my arguments and heard me patiently in rapt attention.After finishing my arguments, when I turned to see my wife, she was not there.My friends told me that she left the court hall in tears a few minutes ago.The next day the judge decreed the suit in my favor.

When I returned home and informed my wife about the judgment that was pronounced in my favour, she simply quipped:”Fortune always favors the Brave.”


Write Relevant!

Are you a budding writer?Then this is for you.Whatever you write, whether it be a blog, an essay, a short story or an article, write relevant.

If you are blogging, you have got every right to write on whatever you think.But what I insist is that your blog must say something meaningful and it should not be simply a babble of tongue.I can see that you still remonstrate saying: ‘After all it is my blog.I can write anything and please don’t intrude on my privacy.’

Still, I differ with you.There is no second opinion in saying that it is your blog and you can write anything. But still, I maintain what you write should have some relevance, because what you write is to read not by yourself but by others.Hence, what you blog should be meaningful, intelligible and of course must be relevant to your thinking.

While writing an essay or an article, what you write should be relevant to the topic and justify it regardless of the length of the essay or the article.Suppose you write an essay on the topic ‘walking’.If you support walking as a primary physical exercise, then you can enumerate the benefits of walking, how long and how much one should walk, what are the benefits of walking, what is the best time for walking and the best attire that has to be worn for walking etc.If you write anything in the said essay other than the topic of walking, it is sheer nonsense and quite irrelevant.

Suppose, you write a travel article on your recent visit to a historical place, it is quite relevant to write about the location of the place, how long and how much you traveled, the easy way and the route of travelling, the means of conveyance, the difficulties if any that you encountered while travelling, the details about the food that is available, the details of hotels and lodges that you have stayed, the details of important places that you have visited and the approximate expenditure that you have incurred and other relevant details, if any, that may be useful for those who propose to travel.In fact, your travel article with adequate and relevant details should serve as a virtual guide to a new traveller.

If you intend to write a short story, it is quite useful to read as many short stories as possible, preferably the short stories written by eminent authors.Before writing a short story, it is well and good to have an outline.There are writers who resort to mind mapping before writing a short story.However, before writing your short story, you must also have the word limit in mind.If you have to write a short story within the word limit of 1000 or 2000, there is less scope for details or description. If the short story has the word limit of between 3000 and 5000, there is more scope for description and of course to your imagination.Again your writings on the short story should justify its topic.It is always good to write a short story in tune with its topic.There are hardcore literary critics who maintain that a short story should never contain an unnecessary word in it.It clearly shows that whatever you write and include in a short story should always have relevance.

If your writings contain irrelevant and superfluous contents in any genre you write, your writings become insipid and barren.If you submit such writings to any publisher, he will reject them instantaneously.

Therefore, before publishing your blog or submitting your essay or article or a short story, it is always good to go for editing coupled with proofreading.After the completion of editing and proofreading and getting rid of irrelevant portions of your writings, if you feel that your writings lack coherency, it is better to resort to rewriting.After completing the rewriting,again you have to repeat the process of editing and proofreading your writings.

On completing the above said process,when you are damn sure what you have written is nothing but relevant and justify its topic, then it is time to go for publishing.


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I was running a steady and peaceful life as a legal assistant,though the name of my original cadre was telephone operator and got promoted as telephone supervisor in the department of telecom, an organ of the Government of India.

Despite being in a technical department that dealt with communication,I studied history at my graduation and at the masters level.Then I studied Law.

When I studied law,Iwas squirming about in the techinal department despite getting shifted to the legal cell as the legal assistant.I learned a lot as the legal assistant, by drafting complaints, affidavits, counters and parawise remarks for a plaint etc, thanks to the then Government Pleader, Mr.Sriramulu, who helped a lot in grooming me as a lawyer.

A separate legal cell was formed at Villupuram, when Villupuram District had a separate DCDRF (District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum) and I was looking after the departmental cases as the lone legal assistant.But I had very little support from my immediate superior who was more concerned with technical matters.When I successfully defended the department of telecom in a number of consumer complaints filed by the aggrieved complainants, I became more confident and began to dream myself as a successful lawyer, knowing very little about civil or criminal practice and the practical difficulties of a budding lawyer.

However,as a lawyer in the technical department,I felt as an odd man among the techies.Coupled with my boosted confidence in the Consumer Forum, day by day I was getting estranged in the department.I had also completed  twenty years of service in the department of Telecom, which was the qualifying service requisite for a voluntary retirement.If I chose to go on voluntary retirement, I might get some pension from the department.Hence, I decided to go on voluntary retirement.I did not consult my friends; nor my wife and my in laws.I had two school going children.Of them my son was about to enter college and my daughter was about to finish her schooling.I did not have any other source of income or property, except the small amount of pension I might get after quitting the department.Unmindful of any of the factors mentioned above,I decided to quit and issued a three months notice to the department of telecom. Even then I did not realise that I was embarking upon a risky venture.

The department of telecom accepted my notice and after three months relieved me from the department.I got enrolled as an advocate and began to practice. For a period of three to four years, I sufferred like anything wallowing in poverty since my income from the profession was practically nil.Hence I failed on many fronts.Then only I realised What I did was nothing but risky.


A Peep into a Canadian Government Hospital.

Toronto. North York Government Hospital. It was the child care unit for the recently born babies.0430 p.m.Being a visitor from India, I had accompanied my son’s family and just sitting and observing keenly.The hospital was fully air-conditioned, besides being pollution free and sound proof.

My son and daughter-in-law along with their new born baby, had come there to consult the doctor for a medical check up of their infant.

There were only a few patients and no one was waiting.The patients had come there after fixing their appointment with the doctor. They were attended then and there.I could not see any patient or a child writhing with pain.Occasionally, I could hear the sound of a crying baby on being injected.

Despite waiting for more than 15 minutes,I could not smell anything that could make me feel uneasy or make me conscious that I was inside the hospital.Though I was a visitor and had no business in the hospital, no one objected my presence nor the hospital staff asked me anything.As soon as I entered the hospital premises,I too used the sanitizer to keep my hands clean.Almost, at the entrance of every room or ward, I could see those sanitizers.A sanitizer contains alcohal in lather form and so it is quite easy to get your hands cleaned as quickly as possible.

After 15 minutes, I could see a number of pregnant women accompanied by their spouses were watching a doctor in rapt attention,who was perhaps giving a lecture to them on prenatal care.Occasionally, the doctor stopped her speech and listened keenly to the questions asked by the prospective mothers.Then she proceeded to answer them.The lecture lasted just 12 or 15 minutes and it didn’t disturb any of us.The pregnant women who had gathered there also dispersed silently.

Meanwhile, my son and daughter-in-law along with their baby came back.I learnt that all of them had medical cards issued by the Canadian Government that ensured them free medical check up and treatment.I was really surprised to know that my son did’t spend anything for his newly born baby boy and he was born through a normal delivery.

My son told me that a pregnant woman, if she was a permanent employee in Canada could avail one year medical leave on attaining motherhood.I was even more surprised to learn that this facility was extended to all the prospective mothers, regardless of their immigration status.

I could see a number of medical posters inside the hospital to promote medical awareness among the patients about the medical facilities extended to the prospective mothers and babies.One particular poster that attracted me most was: ‘It is ok to breastfeed in the open’.I was jolted a little bit and immediately realised that I was in Canada not in India.Of course,I took a few minutes to get reconciled to the fact that the ultimate message that it conveyed was to encourage breastfeeding.In a country, which remains almost pollution free, it is ok to breastfeed in the open.However,I could not avoid thinking whether a mother in India who had delivered her baby recently could breastfeed in the open.I was doubtful.

Another salient feature that I noticed in the hospital was that almost every mother who came to the hospital after delivering her child should have a perambulator to have her new born baby.Even if you are travelling in a car, the car must have the provision to accomodate the permabulator.It is followed strictly in the best interest and in safeguarding the health of the child.Until the child is able to walk, the perambulator is its second home.

Another noteworthy feature that I had observed in the hospital was that you need not run from pillar to post to have eatables.It has decent and very hygeinic canteens located within the hospital premises.The inpatients of the hospitals can have plenty of juices from the nearby containers.The hospital supplies very nutritious food items to the inpatients under the stict control and supervision of the professional dieticians.

When I returned back from the hospital, I could not avoid comparing it with an Indian Government hospital and I rued the fact and wondered how long it would take to reach that standard.



Daily Prompt: Loyal

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On Being Loyal!

Loyalty connotes the faithfulness of a person by being loyal to your spouse or to your employer or simply being loyal to your chosen profession or to a cause which you are committed to.Loyalty denotes a mental attitude.

Remaining loyal to your spouse is purely personal.On getting married, every spouse always wants to remain loyal to his or her spouse.It means every spouse wants to confine his or her sexual relationship with his or her life partner only.However, if any one of the spouse breaks it and commits adultery, then loyalty has become a casualty as far as the spouse who has indulged in an extra marital relationship is concerned.In turn, it leads to a strain in the relationship between the spouses.In fact, the spouse who still remains loyal to his or her spouse, gets disheartened and it leads to a crack in the relationship between them.Spouses who remain mutually loyal and devoted lastlong in their relationship.However in these modern days in which sexual orientation has largely changed, there is always scope for a shift in the loyalty, especially in the western society.It leads to frequent divorces between the spouses.There may be exceptions too.In the Eastern society,traditionally, the married couples remain loyal, with one or two exceptions.We can easily find couples who remain loyal and are living together for decades without getting divorced.However,even in the eastern society, which is rapidly getting westernised or under its influence, a lot of newly married young couples with only a short period of marital life are in a long queue seeking divorce from the court of law.

However, married couples can still remain loyal to one another and successfully lead a long marital life, provided they have complete mutual understanding based on love and affection.They should realise that sex alone is not the ultimate factor to prolong the relationship between the spouses.

Remaining loyal to your employer is always creditable and it gets rewarded in the long run.However, if you are an employee of a reputable and successful company or organisation,competitors of your employer may tempt you to reveal the secrets of your company or organisation.Besides,by offering more perks and scale of pay, the competitors may even try to make you their own employee by switching your loyalty.In the modern days,especially among the employees of the software companies,shifting of loyalties has become quite common.Therefore, an employer in order to retain the existing talent should constantly monitor, recognise and appreciate them, besides, promoting them periodically as per rules and regulations of the company.If a genuine and loyal employee feels that he or she is being neglected by the employer,there is always scope for a shift in the loyalty of an employee.

Remaining loyal to a devoted cause, say, remaining loyal to your country or nation will make you patriotic and selfless.Your loyalty to your country may manifest in the form of service,remain devoted and dutiful.Loyalty to your country may motivate you to go for a competitive exam to join into an All India Service or get enlisted into military, airforce or navy.Of late, loyalty of a person who serves for his country frequently undergoes acid tests.


Daily Prompt: Filthy

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Eschew filthy words!

My Dear Friend,

This is an open letter for you.You are an addict in social media.I hope as soon as I complete this letter and share it in social media, definitely, you will know that this is meant for you.Though you are incorrigible in using filthy words,it is my sincere attempt to mend you at least to some extent.Unlike you,I will see that I will not use a single filthy word against you throughout this letter.In fact,there is absolutely no necessity at all.I know that you have hailed from a humble beginning.You had told me in a choked voice that you are a son of a prostitute and you don’t know who your father was.When you were born,your mother abandoned you at the hospital.Fortunately, yet another prostitute who came to deliver her baby picked up you and you were brought up in a brothel house.I still remember your pathetic story, how you had cried nonstop for a number of days yearning for mother’s milk.You were grown at the mercy of some kind-hearted prostitutes, who even fed you from their breasts.You grew up hearing sexy speeches and filthy words.Somehow you had managed to escape from the brothel house at the age of seven.By that time you had learned a lot of filthy words.Fortunately and accidentally when you joined a home for orphans,your raw behavior continued.You used filthy words rather frequently in your conversation with people.But thanks to the noble soul, I mean,the person who ran the orphanage saved you time and again from the thrashing of others.Thank God, you had successfully completed your school education with flying colors with his support.You were also lucky that a rich lady adopted you as her son at the age of 20.By God’s Grace now you are an engineer in an MNC.I am your colleague.I know that you still use filthy language against your coworkers and you have become a nuisance to them.Now you are under suspension for 15 days.As a close friend, it is my duty to save you from further complications.After all, you have reached this stage by crossing so many hurdles.Don’t worry you will become alright in due course.Before signing off, I want to quote from the world famous Thirukkural:’Using filthy words is just like eating raw and unripened fruits,instead of having the available delicious ripened fruits.’

With due regards.
Your Loving Friend.

What is Clumsy Writing?

When you are more concerned about the quality of your writing and its content, this is for you.You should know what clumsy writing is.It may be even a little bit amusing.The more you know about clumsy writing, the more quality your writing will have and you can be damn sure that your writing is bound to improve.It is just like learning more about a bad character to develop a good character.Learning about clumsy writing means what your writing ought not to be and what your writing ought to be.

Clumsy writing defined:-

Clumsy writing is nothing but writing something rather awkwardly without any skill.Every one of us is acquainted with it.When you write something seriously, your first draft sometimes sucks and looks clumsy.In the case of a beginner or a newbie,his writing will always have a clumsy beginning.A clumsy writing will be lacking in cogency, besides being incoherent,unintelligible and so it will be unable to comprehend.Above all a clumsy writing defies logic and mostly remains incomplete.After all, writing is to read and easy to understand.But clumsy writing negates the very purpose and meaning of writing, whether it is fiction or non-fiction.

Be an avid reader and habitual writer:-

One may wonder whether clumsy writing can be overcome overnight.Definitely not.While clumsy writing being the outcome of a writer lacking adequate skills,the actual solution or remedy lies in equipping the writing skills of a writer.A writer can develop his writing skills by being an avid reader of the writings of skillful writers and write regularly on any topic which interests him.Until a writer becomes more skillful in a particular genre, he has to read as much as possible whatever he comes across.Even then a writer has to keep on reading and writing to get himself updated and to keep in touch with until his last breath to remain a skillful writer forever and to be in the hunt or in demand as a writer.The moment a writer stops the reading habit, he becomes obsolete and loses his market as a writer.Besides, his writings unconsciously become clumsy.

Rewrite, Proofread, and Edit before publishing your writing:-

In order to avoid clumsy writing, a writer has to time and again read his writings leisurely and rewrite them if necessary.Proofreading your writing is a must to remove the elements of clumsy writing.Be in constant touch with a dictionary or a grammar book or when you proofread or edit your writings online, Grammarly will be more useful.If you are confident of self-editing your writings, it is well and good.However, engaging professional editors for editing your writings will not only make your writings tight but will also add an element of professionalism to your writing.

By following the above guidelines scrupulously, your writings attain the requisite quality in writing besides making you as a more skillful writer.In the process, you can reasonably avoid clumsy writing.

Daily Prompt: Sincere

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Sincerity begins at Home.

Being sincere means doing something right in earnest.It is an attitude which has got to be cultivated from one’s childhood days.Once you learn to be sincere in whatever you are doing it pays recurring dividends in the long run.You have to got be sincere in cultivating this habit or attitude in your child very early.Once the child picks up that habit, your burden of rearing up your child almost done nonchalantly.Then the child will be sincere in his studies, in sports and in whatever he is doing.When the child grows up into an adult, it will develop the sincere friendship or if he falls in love, he will be sincere in his love too.Getting through any examination in any class, whether it is in the childhood or in the adulthood, a sincere child will always come up with flying colors.Then getting a job is a cakewalk.Once the grown-up child turns into a man or woman, his sincerity begins to pay him the recurring dividends, in the form of achievements in his academic pursuits and in his chosen career.If the child is sincere in sports,the child will shine in sports too.Besides, a grown up child, not only learn to be self-reliant but also take care of  others who need help and support.No doubt, a sincere child will have regards for his aged parents also.When a child is sincere in whatever he is doing, he will not get deviated from his good character and so the child will grow up into a responsible citizen in the society also.A responsible citizen will also be ready to do anything for the cause of his nation or country.So, a child who has grown up into a great man by virtue his sincerity,we can reasonably conclude, sincerity begins at Home.

How to Complain?(Part II)

You are already familiar with what a complaint is.Now I am going to deal with some specific cases of complaint which you come across in your day to day life.

Nuances of the complaint:

Apart from having the general elements, your complaint should be more specific, relevant, to the point, precise and above all be honest.Before drafting a complaint you should gather all the relevant facts, if necessary, it is useful to have notes on it.There is absolutely no scope for imagination or being creative while drafting a complaint.You should draft it as tight as possible without any scope for redundancy.As somebody puts it, you should draft a complaint as carefully as you write a short story without any scope for any single word to be considered as superfluous.Above all the logic behind preferring a complaint is to get rid of your grievances as amicably as possible against whom you are complaining.Hence, the tone of your complaint should always be mild but it should never be harsh so as to antagonize the concerned person. Hence, drafting a complaint being complex in nature, it is always advisable to engage people who are adept in drafting complaints.

There are some specific cases wherein your complaint needs special attention.

A consumer complaint:-

It is true ‘consumer is a king’.Still, as a consumer, you may have some grievances against a product that you purchased from a dealer or against the building contractor whose services that you availed for building your house.Before preferring a complaint to the dealer or to the building contractor, collect all the documents.In the case of a product, say  you have purchased a two wheeler of a reputed company. Still, it develops snags frequently.In the house built by the building contractor, he has left a few works unfinished as against the terms of the agreement.Your complaint should be mild as against the two wheeler dealer or the service provider and the complaint should specifically contain nothing but facts and your actual grievances.After allowing a reasonable time to get rid of your grievances, if you are not satisfied with the dealer or the service provider, you can proceed against them, by engaging an advocate.

Complaint involving the Motor Accident:-

A complaint involving a motor accident case is more serious.When your close friend or relative meets with a fatal accident, you should complain to the concerned police station within whose jurisdiction the accident takes place.Your complaint should be accurate containing the details of the accident, persons involved, details about the driver and the vehicle, date and place of the accident if the accident is fatal, the details of the injuries suffered by the victim, if any, and the details of employment if any, held by the victim who died in the accident, exact location or landmark where the accident took place etc.The accuracy of your complaint ensures its speedy disposal.

Complaint involving harassment for Dowry:-

It is a typical Indian problem.Such complaints should be preferred at the earliest immediately after its occurrence. Because, if a complaint involving dowry harassment after 7 years of a person’s marriage is specifically barred by the act.So any form of dowry harassment should be nipped in the bud.Your complaint involving a criminal offense should contain accurate facts with material evidence and it should be preferred at the earliest.It will not only be helpful to punish the offender as quickly as possible, besides preventing its recurrence.

False Complaints:

The false complaints are always preferred against some hapless victims perhaps out of vengeance, either personal or political.But they will not stand the scrutiny of law since such complaints are badly drafted with false facts.Complaints preferred under the SC/ST act are mostly false complaints and the victims after being subjected to unnecessary harassment are ultimately acquitted.Domestic Violence Act and Dowry Prohibition Act are at times misused, by the housewives simply to harass their hapless husbands, perhaps at the instance of their parents.Hence, the false complaints are the proverbial house of cards and in the absence of material evidence or correct facts, they will not stand the scrutiny of law.

Hence, complaints are such fine tools to get your legitimate grievances redressed.However, you should use them judiciously and tactfully.Otherwise, they may lead to abuse of process of law and ultimately you may fail miserably to stand the test of law.