Daily Prompt: Millions

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Is India a real Welfare State?

India boasts that it is a welfare state and spends millions of rupees for the welfare of the people every year.But the moot question is  whether India is really welfare state?There are umpteen numbers of reasons for raising this doubt.Our former Prime Minster late.Rajiv Gandhi rightly pointed out of every rupee spent for the welfare of the people,only ten paise reaches the common man.The remaining 90 paise goes to the coffers of the intermediaries en route.Hence it leads to the unequal distribution of wealth.The net result is there is an ever growing wide gulf between the haves and have-nots.Though the Indian economy is strong enough  even to withstand the onslaught of the worldwide recession, still we can reasonably say that all is not well with it.Then you may ask what ails the Indian economy?Perhaps the following factors are her stumbling blocks: 1) The ever growing population of India which now stands at more than 120 crores and it is the second highest in the world.In the near future, India may surpass China in becoming No.1 in the population.2)Corruption: Though corruption is the world phenomenon, it does not absolve us from our responsibility of wiping it out from the grass root level.Unfortunately, corruption has become the part and parcel of our society and the people have adopted it as a lifestyle.Though we have anti-corruption laws, we violate them more than we follow.It shows that people are lacking in awareness and easy going. Having adopted corruption as part of their lifestyle, they react only rarely in rooting out the corruption from the society.

With regard to her population growth, though our government is serious enough in checking her population growth, by introducing one family two child policy, still India cannot boast that it has effectively controlled her population growth.Like China, India may need to introduce one family one child program.But the real problem in implementing such policy is unlike China, India being a democratic country, it cannot force the people to adopt one family one child policy.But India needs to step up her programs in spreading awareness among the people about the necessity of reducing or controlling her population.

India requires stringent anti-corruption laws to cleanse her stables.Besides, India may have to spread its awareness programs to root out corruption from the grassroots level. The anti-corruption laws should be introduced at the school level in a simplified and easy to understand format.If we inculcate the spirit of honesty, integrity, and eschewing bribery etc in their early childhood, perhaps in one or two decades, India may have committed citizens who remain anti-corruption to the core.

Above all India requires committed leaders like Mahatma to believe in the means justify the end.


Daily Prompt: Ancient

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I need a Time Machine urgently.

I am obsessed with the modern world, its technology,its culture,its economy, its politics, especially the Indian politics and the all-pervading terrorism etc.I want to travel in a pollution free atmosphere to the ancient world for which I need a Time Machine urgently.Can anybody tell me how and where to hire a Time Machine?

I have a specific purpose in traveling to the ancient world.I want to travel back to 3250 B.C to 2750 B.C, exactly the period during which the Indus Valley Civilisation was said to have flourished. My specific purpose of traveling back to the ancient Indus valley civilization is to decipher the Indus script.After researching painstakingly for over a period of 30 days, I have got an idea to decipher the Indus script.I strongly believe, the Indus script will offer a solution to many sensitive unsolved issues of modern India.

You may wonder, how an undeciphered script of a bygone era, will be a panacea to solve many mysteries of the modern India.I strongly believe that Indus scripts are something like astrological notes which I may easily read and release their reports in piecemeal through some popular dailies in North and South India.By that way, I hope to become something like a messiah in the modern India.

I wonder where these Time Machines are stationed, how they are maintained and how much they are charging per thousands and thousands of miles of travel in the Time Machine.I am also in a dilemma what currency they use and whether I can use my debit or credit cards there.I am also at a loss to know how long I have to travel in the Time Machine and I wonder will there be a stop over anywhere till I reach 3250 B.C to 2750 B.C.Of course, I don’t have any idea what they will provide for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner etc.The very idea that I may have to starve on the way till I reach the Indus Valley Civilisation also confuses me a little bit.But one of my friends says that while traveling in the Time Machine, we may not have any appetite or hunger.

All these thinking instead of discouraging me from traveling in the Time Machine actually encourage me to travel in the Time Machine as early as possible.



Daily Prompt: Waiting

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Though the word ‘waiting’ looks quite ordinary just like an unassuming person, used in different contexts it may create havoc in you.

If you are an average student and not much interested in studies, waiting for the results of an examination is really excruciating.

Having proposed your love to your lover and waiting for her response is really a killing experience.

You are contesting for an MLA or MP seat for a popular party.After a hectic campaign,the election day comes.The polling is over.You have spent crores of rupees for the election.The counting of votes has begun.You are rather anxious.In fact, your future political career depends on the outcome of the election.If you win the election you have a bright future in the party.If you lose the election, your political career hangs in the balance.The votes are being counted today.The voting trend is fluctuating.You are rather anxious.Though you are waiting in the air-conditioned room, you are sweating profusely.The latest trend shows that you are trailing by a slender margin.Only a few rounds of counting remains.You cannot wait anymore.You rush to the counting center.It takes just ten minutes.Meanwhile, your mobile phone rings up.It is a call from one of your close confident.You answer the call.’Ram, now you are leading by a slender margin.Only the last round of counting remains’.On reaching the counting center, you are ceremoniously welcomed by your party men.You have won the election by a thin margin.You heave a sigh of relief.

Thus waiting can be killing at times.

Daily Prompt: Urgent

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How the communication revolution has made the word ‘urgent’redundant!

It was 1979.I was working as a telephone operator then in a telephone exchange.I was manning the record section.It was 07.00 p.m.Reduced tariff period began at 07.00 p.m and ended at 07.00 a.m the next day morning.It was the festival season too.There was heavy traffic.I responded quickly to each call.

‘Trunk Booking please.’

‘This is Villupuram 2574.Please book a trunk call to Madras 247454.Please make it Urgent.’

I booked the trunk call in a separate trunk call ticket, in which I also ticked the Urgent priority.The Urgent trunk call would have priority over the Ordinary call.The charges for the urgent Trunk call would also be double the rate of the ordinary trunk call.If a subscriber booked a lightning call, it would be charged eight times more than an ordinary trunk call and it should be disposed of within 15 minutes.If I connected a trunk call when the call was nearing 3 minutes, I would caution the subscriber, ‘It is nearly  3 minutes sir, do you want the extension?’ The subscriber would respond, ‘ extend please.’When the call was over, I charged it for either three or six minutes duration.When there was a heavy traffic especially in the festival season, even an urgent trunk call would get delayed for 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Two decades later, with the onset of revolution in electronics and communication engineering, mobile phones flooded the market.All the manual Trunk Telephone exchanges were closed.In the beginning of 21 st century, the then younger generation did not know about the trunk calls and they were in total oblivion of the priorities such as urgent or lightening.In fact, they have switched over to ultra modern mobile phones such as smartphones, periodically improved versions of iPhones with multitasking facilities and features

Similarly, the telegrams whose mere arrival was dreaded as a death message was abolished recently, since the people  are no longer in need of those accursed strings.

Thus with the onset of communication revolution of the 21 st century, the manual operating system of the old and outdated telephone exchanges was totally dismantled. Hence, the people of those days no longer remember urgent priority and the word urgent itself belonged to the bygone era.People have entered into the ultra modern age regardless of their age.What they use are ultra-modern mobile phones and they are more used to missed calls, chats, and selfies.

Daily Prompt: Flattery

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Flattery in the Past and at Present

Though flattery is purely insincere praise on somebody, it was used as a harmless weapon mostly by a poet to find favor with a king in his court or any rich man at his house.Therefore, flattery prevailed when the monarchy was in existence.

In other words, from the flattery heaped on a person, you have no chance to know the real character or personality of a person.

It was customary even though the king was an ordinary person with mediocre talent, the poets freely used flattery on him just to please him and milk him as much as possible in return for the flattery.

In those days, a story on flattery was floated like this:

A poet entered the house of a rich landlord without knowing him that he was a miser. When the poet entered the landlord’s house, the landlord welcomed him with a large grin.The poet began addressing the landlord as if he was a philanthropist.The landlord was pleased much.The poet stopped for a while.It was the turn of the landlord.

‘Is anybody there? Serve this poet with a delicious meal.”

The poet was pleased much. He could even feel the secretion of more saliva in his mouth and the taste buds of his tongue were ready for the feast. Encouraged by the prospect of having a delicious feast, he also stepped up his flattery on the rich landlord as if he was a person recently descended from the heaven..The rich landlord huddled in his easy chair.He just raised his head and ordered as follows:

‘Is anybody there?Bring 1000 gold coins for the poet.’

The poet’s joy knew no bounds. He was elated at the prospect of getting 1000 gold coins.He became more enthusiastic and  virtually sang as many songs as possible highly eulogizing him. He gasped and stopped for a while. The landlord  was happy and said, ‘Is anybody there? Get a golden shawl for the poet.’

The poet virtually felt as if he was in heaven. He again praised the landlord, as if he was a Godly man.

After a few minutes, the poet stopped his flattery and simply waited for his delicious meal along with 1000 gold coins and the golden shawl,But there was no sign of their arrival.The poet  was very anxious and he could not hide his feelings.At last, he even asked the landlord about those presents that he ordered for him. The landlord laughed at him and said,’ Just like you poured your flattery on me to entertain me, I just ordered a few things for you so as to make you feel happy.That’s all ! You can take leave now.’The poet almost got swooned and returned a dejected man. Thus in those days flattery was used as an instrument of outwitting each other.

In the modern days, the monarchy was changed into democracy, in which party system plays a vital role.The poets had gone and fell into oblivion.However, the nature of the flattery remains same. To please a leader of a political party and find his favor flattery is being used in different formats and in different contexts. They pay them respects simply by falling on their feet.They eulogize him through newspaper advertisements and  inside the house of parliament or in the state legislature, they invariably address their party leader at first heaping heavy praise on them and then proceed to address the issue.

Thus flattery has become a necessary evil among the human beings whether you like it or not and  the human beings will use it freely as long as the human civilization exists.


How to Complain? (Part I)


My teacher beat me with the stick.I was bleeding in my left eye.I cannot see with my left eye.

Yours faithfully,


VI standard

It was the complaint made by a small boy, aged about 10 years, hailing from a remote rural village in Tamil Nadu.Based on his complaint, the teacher who beat the boy was immediately suspended.

So a complaint is essentially one’s grievances preferred against a person.Based on the complaint action is taken against the person on whom the complaint has been preferred.Hence, a complaint serves as the document to initiate civil or criminal action against an erring person.

However, a complaint may be either oral or in written form.Captious people by their fault finding nature used to complain frequently against anyone.But they are mostly oral and harmless.If the complaint is reduced into written form it becomes the basic record that sets the legal wheel into motion and into action.

Therefore a complaint being an important document, we should draft it more carefully.When a layman prefer an oral complaint against anybody, the verbatim account of the complaint is reduced to written format. When you complain against anybody, it should contain all the essential elements of a complaint as follows:

  • While complaining, you should address it to the proper person, who is capable of taking action against the complaint.For example, the student complaining about his teacher should address it to the headmaster or headmistress, who will take action against the complaint.A complaint pertaining to a revenue dispute should be addressed to the proper person at the revenue department.A complaint seeking redressal from the Municipality should be addressed to the Commissioner of your Municipality
  • Then your complaint should contain the details of your grievances and the reliefs you are seeking.
  • If the complaint is about the poor sanitary condition of your street or poor condition of your street road, it is always better to attach a photograph.If the complaint is about the defect in revenue records of your immovable property, your complaint should always be accompanied by proper records.
  • The complaint should contain the correct particulars of the address of the person against whom you prefer a complaint.

Complaints are generally civil or criminal in nature.A complaint is classified into civil or criminal on the basis of the contents of the complaint.When you prefer a complaint against your colleague in the office, or when a student prefers a complaint to his teacher against his classmate, when you prefer a complaint against a sanitary worker to the commissioner of Municipality or when you prefer a complaint to the commissioner of Corporation against water scarcity prevailing in your area or about the poor sanitary condition of your area or about the prevalence of mosquitoes and about the health hazards in your area or about the poor maintenance of street lights in your area or about the poor condition of the municipal roads in your area, they are complaints which are purely civil in nature requiring only the redressal of your grievance.Some complaints though purely civil in nature, for example, the complaint which you preferred against your colleague needs to be enquired into, call for an explanation from the concerned official and only after getting a reply from him or her, action will be taken against the erring official, provided it is proved on inquiry that the official has actually committed mistakes.On the other hand, if the reply given by the official is satisfactory not warranting any action, the complaint against him may be closed.In other words, it is known as the departmental inquiry, in which the duty of the inquiry officer is to see whether the concerned official against whom the complaint has been preferred violated any provisions of the department  rules and regulations.

When a complaint is preferred against any person, invariably he must be given a chance to submit his reply, in tune with the principles of natural justice.Otherwise, your inquiry proceedings against whom the complaint has been preferred are vitiated and it may not stand the scrutiny of law.

A complaint being complex in nature, especially if the complaint is criminal in nature or if the complaint is  civil but very complicated in nature involving a property dispute, it is better to engage a lawyer who is well versed in drafting.If you cannot afford to engage a lawyer, it is better to engage a document writer.

Daily Prompt: Breakthrough

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Awaited Breakthroughs

When Alexander Fleming accidentally invented ‘Penicillin’, he never knew that he had made a major breakthrough in the world of medicine especially in inventing antibiotics. However, we have  a number of problems or issues in the present world requiring breakthroughs in the scientific,political, social and economic front.

Medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds by virtue of continuous research.It has advanced to unimaginable proportions with so many specializations.Today’s medical world offers solutions to almost all human sufferings or diseases.Still, there exists is one major issue requiring a breakthrough in the medical field.Though the issue or problem may seem quite simple, still it is a vexing question requiring a breakthrough.We all know when a woman is conceived,one single egg in her womb gets fertilized, which is a single cell.By the process of cell division, the fertilized egg grows or divides further into two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two etc, in the result of which a fetus develops into a full-fledged baby.Though at first, a fertilized egg divides into two forming the same type of cell, later on, when the cell grows into a fetus, it gets divided into different types of cells called blood cells, skin cells, bone cells and so on.Though medical science is very advanced, still it can not offer a solution or achieve a breakthrough and explain how a single fertilized egg gets divided into different types of cells as the fetus grows.

In politics, throughout the world, we have many important issues awaiting major breakthroughs.The issue of international terrorism has always been a threat and raising its ugly head now and then in various parts of the world.For example, India is time and again attacked by terrorists, killing hapless human beings without any mercy.Despite taking harsh steps, India cannot achieve any major breakthrough to eradicate terrorism from her soil.Nor the international community has achieved any major breakthrough to quell terrorism effectively.

The Indo-Pak relations has always remain strained, thanks to Kashmir issue which is awaiting a solution and major breakthrough, ever since both India and Pakistan became independent.Though India has always been ready and willing to solve the issue through bilateral talks, Pakistan has been very particular in dragging the matter to the international forum.

India has miserably failed to achieve any major breakthrough in solving the problem of sharing river water among the riparian states.Recently, the neighboring riparian states Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has been vehemently fighting in the street for sharing the Cauvery water.India knowing pretty well that nationalizing and linking the Indian rivers is the only way to solve the problem of riparian states, still, it cannot achieve any major breakthrough for the reasons best known to her.

On the Social front,knowing pretty well that untouchability is inhuman and the caste system is a social evil, still, India has not achieved any major breakthrough in abolishing the caste system in India.Hence, the Indian society remains divided as ever.

India remains the second highest populous country in the world with over 120 crores and it will become the No.1 as the Highest populous country in the near future.Despite taking steps, India so far cannot achieve any major breakthrough in effectively controlling the growth of her population.

In the economic front, the gulf between the haves and the have-nots has been widening day by day.The rich countries of the world, G7, in particular, have not taken any major step achieving a breakthrough in narrowing the gaps between the haves and have-nots.


‘What if?’ as an Idea Booster for a Writer

‘What if?’ is an idea booster to write an article or an essay or a story or a poem, if you are staring at your computer screen bereft of ideas. In other words, ‘What if’ redeems you, if you are suffering from a mental bloc. Thanks to ‘Write Practice’ in which I recently stumbled upon this idea booster from an article written by a guest blogger. In fact, of the three ideas mentioned therein, ‘what if ‘ was the most impressive one, because of its immense potential for writing. In fact ‘what if ‘ is hypothetical in connotation; if expressed or completed meaningfully in tune with the current and available trends, you may develop them into great articles.

As an idea booster ‘what if ‘can be interpreted either way into a positive or negative mode.

‘What if’ in a positive mode:

‘What if I win the match?’ ‘What if my girl friend accepts my love?’ ‘What if India wins the T20 series in Australia?’ ‘What if the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu prolongs her medical treatment at Appollo hospital?”‘What if the scientists discover a second solar system’ ‘What if Mr.Trump or Mrs.Clinton becomes the US president?’ As a writer, if you answer each of these questions, or develop them with your own ideas, perhaps you may have great articles  to publish.

Coming to the current test series with New Zealand.Having gone up 2-0 and won the test series against New Zealand, India as a test playing country regained No.1 ranking in the test cricket.’What if India wins the third test also? Will it be a whitewash for New Zealand?’ and ‘Will India consolidate her top spot by virtue of her clean sweep?’ ‘What if Pakistan wins the forthcoming test series against the West Indies? and Will Pakistan regain the top spot?’

‘What if my girl friend accepts my love?”: So far my girl friend has been a nice friend of mine. I am going to develop that friendship further. I want to make her my darling.Hence I have to propose her my love tomorrow itself. The very thought of proposing my love makes me very lighter and I almost fly in the air. If she accepts my love, what I have to do? The very thought of her accepting my love and me becoming her lover tickles my nerves. I can’t stand steadily on this earth. Ok,ok, let me be cool. What is the next step? How long that love will last? When we should bring it to the knowledge of our parents?’Will they accept our love? By Gods  grace they accept it. Then what? I have to get married her and my lover will become my wife. I will live happily thereafter’

‘What if the scientists discover a second solar system?’

Will the second solar system also have nine planets like ours or more? Will there be an earth too? Will it be fit for human habitation? How long it will be from the earth? How to go there? Who will go there first? Will it be India or China or US?

Thus each question can be developed into an interesting article.

‘What if ‘in a negative mode:-

Similarly, if you use ‘What if ?’ in a negative connotation, you will also have fertile source of information for your articles.

For example:

‘What if our parents do not approve our love?’What if a Third World War breaks out?’ ‘What if there will be a second recession in US?”What if the totalitarian Chinese Government breaks down?’ ‘What if petrol reserves are completely exhausted in the World?’ ‘What if India abolishes caste system by one stroke of pen?’What if Trump adopts a tough stance against India?’ Such negative questions will actually stimulate a healthy thinking and motivate the parties concerned to take appropriate action well in advance to prevent the impending disaster. I would like to write a few words on this question:

‘What if our parents do not approve our love?’

‘Should we get married without their consent?”What if our parents prefer a complaint against us in the police station alleging  that my lover is a minor?’ ‘ Should they file any case against us?’ “how to safeguard ourselves against any such eventuality?’..

‘What if India abolishes caste system by one stroke of pen?

First of all the very idea of abolishing caste system in India by one stroke of pen is highly unlikely because the caste system originated time immemorial in India. Though in the recent past, the dalits, the lower caste people undergo untold sufferings than other upper caste people, still it is not that much easy to abolish the caste system in India. There are more than 3000 caste based divisions and the caste system in India strongly entrenched in the Indian society, besides being backed by politicians for vote bank politics. If Lincoln could emancipate slavery in one stroke, why not India can do away with the caste system? In fact, the Indian caste system is more complex than the slavery in US. Besides, it is deep rooted in the Indian society enjoying religious sanction. But it was not the case with the Slavery in US. It was actually imported from elsewhere and subsequently done away with by the former president Lincoln.

‘What if a third world war breaks out?’

This question is highly hypothetical. Gone are the days of war mongers who believed in imperialism. If third world war breaks out, it will lead to a nuclear holocaust. Despite having nuclear weapons, super powers such as US, USSR, China and India always maintain restraint. They know pretty well that the ill effects of nuclear weapons used even in one place will spread to other countries. Besides, we have UNO to intervene and mediate between the world countries in case of any third world war. The world countries are more organized than ever. Hence, the outbreak of third world war is highly unlikely.

Thus ‘What if’ as an idea booster facilitates or leads to series of questions in the relevant subject matter and motivates you towards further research. Ultimately, it drags you deeply in the subject concerned and the net result will always be good leading to various forms of writing.

‘The role of ‘What if ‘ in preventing writers block is very significant. If you are well versed in utilizing ‘What if ‘ as an idea booster, you may have plenty of ideas to write;you may not have any scope to complain about writers block.

Daily Prompt: Graceful

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Politics is known for  arrogant people.Only a few people like Abraham Lincoln were so graceful in their manners and behavior.When Lincoln was the U.S President, he sent an important note to one of  his subordinates in his administration to implement something.On seeing the note, the subordinate official passed a scathing remark on Lincoln and criticized his note as foolish.It was brought to the notice of Lincoln.Immediately he sent for the official and asked him to explain why his idea was foolish.When the official explained it, Lincoln was graceful enough to accept it, ignoring his scathing remark made against him.He also modified his note as explained by the official.That is why Abraham Lincoln was hailed as one of the greatest in US politics.

Daily Prompt: Test

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When I see the word, ‘Test’,I did not see it as a real challenge for my writing ability, but rather I consider it as a real opportunity to write about the multifaceted word ‘Test’

It provides an opportunity to have a test on my writing, but it does not contemplate any physical test stipulated by a physician, such as blood test, urine test, or motion test etc, because, the context does not arise since I am perfectly alright.

But when I come across the word ‘Test’ the foremost thing which comes to my mind is the one I am very passionate about since my teen days.I don’t want to put you more on suspense.It is cricket.

Cricket has of late two versions, the shorter, and longer.While 50 overs game and Twenty Twenty cricket are included in the shorter version of the game, Test cricket is the longer version of the game.

Test cricket is the traditional form of the game, played by cricket legends like W.G.Grace, Hobbs,Barry Richards,Don Bradman, Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar and a host of other players hailing from India, England, Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indes, South Africa and New Zealand.

Being traditional in format, the Test cricket is played for 5 days.Of the three formats of the game, Test cricket offers the real challenge for a cricket player.As a bowler, you have to show variety in your bowling in the Test cricket, as you are called upon to bowl more and more overs.If you are the strike bowler, the entire fielding team, repose more confidence in you.A bowler has more chances to take as many wickets as possible since he has a chance to bowl in two innings of the game.

Similarly, a batsman has a chance to sharpen his batting prowess and even to experiment or innovate his batting only in Test cricket, since he has a chance to bat twice in both innings of the game.There are umpteen number of batsmen like Sunil Gavaskar, who scored centuries in each innings of the game.Test innings also provide a chance especially for a batsman to score as many runs as possible.There are batsmen, like Brian Lara, Virender Sehwag and a host of other players who scored centuries, double or triple utilizing  test cricket.There are fine batsmen such as Boycott and G.R.Viswanath who showed to the whole cricket world how best you can defend your wicket spending as much time as possible at the crease.

With the emergence of 50 overs or T20 cricket, the shorter versions of the game, Test cricket is losing its charm and even in the danger of falling into disuse.Time is the constraint.While the shorter versions of the game are being played on a single day or in a couple of hours, test cricket offers real testing time for the cricket lovers.After all, the shorter versions of the game of cricket are result oriented, but the test cricket does not guarantee it.Who knows? The test cricket played between two best teams, may end in three days or full quota of five days.If it ends in three days, it means most probably, a team has an innings victory.If the test is played for five days,it may have a result or it may even meander towards a dull draw, notwithstanding the centuries scored by batsmen on both sides.Thus, we see, while the shorter versions of the game are result oriented, it is not the case with the test cricket.Hence people are gradually losing interest in the test cricket as reflected by the poor attendance for the test matches.Poor attendance means dwindling income from test cricket.

No doubt, ICC makes frantic attempts to save test cricket.It has suggested for the inclusion of the game in Olympics.Holding an international championship for test cricket is under active consideration of ICC and among the test playing countries.Reducing the number of days for a test cricket from five days into four days is another idea under active discussion.Holding the test cricket matches as day and night matches is yet another idea on the card to lure the crowd.The crux of the matter is since the test cricket match involves two innings to be played on both sides actually tests the patience of the cricket fans.They are no longer interested in witnessing the rock solid defense of a batsman, hours together.Especially after the advent of limited overs cricket, the cricket fans seem to be result oriented as quickly as possible.In fact, they are not ready to wait for five long days to see the result of a test match; nor they are willing or ready to avail leave for the sake of test matches.Hence, realizing the situation, the cricket administrators always schedule most of the test matches with the intervening holidays.Unfortunately, cricket fans choose to come to witness the matches only during the holidays, as proved by the statistics of their daily attendance.Above all, the live telecast of the test matches in the Television and also advanced recording facilities etc, virtually force them to witness the live test matches from their drawing room, with the ball by ball commentaries,expert comments etc, which are not available when they directly witness the match from the cricket stadium.Above all the proliferation of smartphones play a significant role in reducing the status of the test cricket.If any person with a smartphone can witness the test cricket live and now and then get the latest and updated score, why he should go all the way to the cricket stadium, stand in the queue and spend thousands of rupees to get a ticket?

For the reasons stated above,the test cricket is now enjoying a low profile, just because of the emergence of the limited overs cricket and due to the very advanced live telecast facilities arranged by our own cricket administrators.Despite all the disadvantages enjoyed by the test cricket, still, it is considered as the real cricket, with a long tradition of its own.Again it is the test cricket which strengthens the cricket playing techniques of a batsman or bowler and makes them quality players.In fact, a cricketer’s actual skill in the game of cricket is proved only through test cricket which is played in a natural and traditional way.Of course, there may be dull and monotonous moments while playing test cricket.But as Neville Cardus puts it, a dull moment in test cricket may get enlivened all of a sudden through a fine catch, or the fall of the wicket or through a whopping six.But the moot question is how long a cricket fan has to wait to see that momentous occasion?