Daily Prompt: Breakthrough

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Awaited Breakthroughs

When Alexander Fleming accidentally invented ‘Penicillin’, he never knew that he had made a major breakthrough in the world of medicine especially in inventing antibiotics. However, we have  a number of problems or issues in the present world requiring breakthroughs in the scientific,political, social and economic front.

Medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds by virtue of continuous research.It has advanced to unimaginable proportions with so many specializations.Today’s medical world offers solutions to almost all human sufferings or diseases.Still, there exists is one major issue requiring a breakthrough in the medical field.Though the issue or problem may seem quite simple, still it is a vexing question requiring a breakthrough.We all know when a woman is conceived,one single egg in her womb gets fertilized, which is a single cell.By the process of cell division, the fertilized egg grows or divides further into two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two etc, in the result of which a fetus develops into a full-fledged baby.Though at first, a fertilized egg divides into two forming the same type of cell, later on, when the cell grows into a fetus, it gets divided into different types of cells called blood cells, skin cells, bone cells and so on.Though medical science is very advanced, still it can not offer a solution or achieve a breakthrough and explain how a single fertilized egg gets divided into different types of cells as the fetus grows.

In politics, throughout the world, we have many important issues awaiting major breakthroughs.The issue of international terrorism has always been a threat and raising its ugly head now and then in various parts of the world.For example, India is time and again attacked by terrorists, killing hapless human beings without any mercy.Despite taking harsh steps, India cannot achieve any major breakthrough to eradicate terrorism from her soil.Nor the international community has achieved any major breakthrough to quell terrorism effectively.

The Indo-Pak relations has always remain strained, thanks to Kashmir issue which is awaiting a solution and major breakthrough, ever since both India and Pakistan became independent.Though India has always been ready and willing to solve the issue through bilateral talks, Pakistan has been very particular in dragging the matter to the international forum.

India has miserably failed to achieve any major breakthrough in solving the problem of sharing river water among the riparian states.Recently, the neighboring riparian states Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has been vehemently fighting in the street for sharing the Cauvery water.India knowing pretty well that nationalizing and linking the Indian rivers is the only way to solve the problem of riparian states, still, it cannot achieve any major breakthrough for the reasons best known to her.

On the Social front,knowing pretty well that untouchability is inhuman and the caste system is a social evil, still, India has not achieved any major breakthrough in abolishing the caste system in India.Hence, the Indian society remains divided as ever.

India remains the second highest populous country in the world with over 120 crores and it will become the No.1 as the Highest populous country in the near future.Despite taking steps, India so far cannot achieve any major breakthrough in effectively controlling the growth of her population.

In the economic front, the gulf between the haves and the have-nots has been widening day by day.The rich countries of the world, G7, in particular, have not taken any major step achieving a breakthrough in narrowing the gaps between the haves and have-nots.


‘What if?’ as an Idea Booster for a Writer

‘What if?’ is an idea booster to write an article or an essay or a story or a poem, if you are staring at your computer screen bereft of ideas. In other words, ‘What if’ redeems you, if you are suffering from a mental bloc. Thanks to ‘Write Practice’ in which I recently stumbled upon this idea booster from an article written by a guest blogger. In fact, of the three ideas mentioned therein, ‘what if ‘ was the most impressive one, because of its immense potential for writing. In fact ‘what if ‘ is hypothetical in connotation; if expressed or completed meaningfully in tune with the current and available trends, you may develop them into great articles.

As an idea booster ‘what if ‘can be interpreted either way into a positive or negative mode.

‘What if’ in a positive mode:

‘What if I win the match?’ ‘What if my girl friend accepts my love?’ ‘What if India wins the T20 series in Australia?’ ‘What if the present Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu prolongs her medical treatment at Appollo hospital?”‘What if the scientists discover a second solar system’ ‘What if Mr.Trump or Mrs.Clinton becomes the US president?’ As a writer, if you answer each of these questions, or develop them with your own ideas, perhaps you may have great articles  to publish.

Coming to the current test series with New Zealand.Having gone up 2-0 and won the test series against New Zealand, India as a test playing country regained No.1 ranking in the test cricket.’What if India wins the third test also? Will it be a whitewash for New Zealand?’ and ‘Will India consolidate her top spot by virtue of her clean sweep?’ ‘What if Pakistan wins the forthcoming test series against the West Indies? and Will Pakistan regain the top spot?’

‘What if my girl friend accepts my love?”: So far my girl friend has been a nice friend of mine. I am going to develop that friendship further. I want to make her my darling.Hence I have to propose her my love tomorrow itself. The very thought of proposing my love makes me very lighter and I almost fly in the air. If she accepts my love, what I have to do? The very thought of her accepting my love and me becoming her lover tickles my nerves. I can’t stand steadily on this earth. Ok,ok, let me be cool. What is the next step? How long that love will last? When we should bring it to the knowledge of our parents?’Will they accept our love? By Gods  grace they accept it. Then what? I have to get married her and my lover will become my wife. I will live happily thereafter’

‘What if the scientists discover a second solar system?’

Will the second solar system also have nine planets like ours or more? Will there be an earth too? Will it be fit for human habitation? How long it will be from the earth? How to go there? Who will go there first? Will it be India or China or US?

Thus each question can be developed into an interesting article.

‘What if ‘in a negative mode:-

Similarly, if you use ‘What if ?’ in a negative connotation, you will also have fertile source of information for your articles.

For example:

‘What if our parents do not approve our love?’What if a Third World War breaks out?’ ‘What if there will be a second recession in US?”What if the totalitarian Chinese Government breaks down?’ ‘What if petrol reserves are completely exhausted in the World?’ ‘What if India abolishes caste system by one stroke of pen?’What if Trump adopts a tough stance against India?’ Such negative questions will actually stimulate a healthy thinking and motivate the parties concerned to take appropriate action well in advance to prevent the impending disaster. I would like to write a few words on this question:

‘What if our parents do not approve our love?’

‘Should we get married without their consent?”What if our parents prefer a complaint against us in the police station alleging  that my lover is a minor?’ ‘ Should they file any case against us?’ “how to safeguard ourselves against any such eventuality?’..

‘What if India abolishes caste system by one stroke of pen?

First of all the very idea of abolishing caste system in India by one stroke of pen is highly unlikely because the caste system originated time immemorial in India. Though in the recent past, the dalits, the lower caste people undergo untold sufferings than other upper caste people, still it is not that much easy to abolish the caste system in India. There are more than 3000 caste based divisions and the caste system in India strongly entrenched in the Indian society, besides being backed by politicians for vote bank politics. If Lincoln could emancipate slavery in one stroke, why not India can do away with the caste system? In fact, the Indian caste system is more complex than the slavery in US. Besides, it is deep rooted in the Indian society enjoying religious sanction. But it was not the case with the Slavery in US. It was actually imported from elsewhere and subsequently done away with by the former president Lincoln.

‘What if a third world war breaks out?’

This question is highly hypothetical. Gone are the days of war mongers who believed in imperialism. If third world war breaks out, it will lead to a nuclear holocaust. Despite having nuclear weapons, super powers such as US, USSR, China and India always maintain restraint. They know pretty well that the ill effects of nuclear weapons used even in one place will spread to other countries. Besides, we have UNO to intervene and mediate between the world countries in case of any third world war. The world countries are more organized than ever. Hence, the outbreak of third world war is highly unlikely.

Thus ‘What if’ as an idea booster facilitates or leads to series of questions in the relevant subject matter and motivates you towards further research. Ultimately, it drags you deeply in the subject concerned and the net result will always be good leading to various forms of writing.

‘The role of ‘What if ‘ in preventing writers block is very significant. If you are well versed in utilizing ‘What if ‘ as an idea booster, you may have plenty of ideas to write;you may not have any scope to complain about writers block.

Daily Prompt: Graceful

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Politics is known for  arrogant people.Only a few people like Abraham Lincoln were so graceful in their manners and behavior.When Lincoln was the U.S President, he sent an important note to one of  his subordinates in his administration to implement something.On seeing the note, the subordinate official passed a scathing remark on Lincoln and criticized his note as foolish.It was brought to the notice of Lincoln.Immediately he sent for the official and asked him to explain why his idea was foolish.When the official explained it, Lincoln was graceful enough to accept it, ignoring his scathing remark made against him.He also modified his note as explained by the official.That is why Abraham Lincoln was hailed as one of the greatest in US politics.

Daily Prompt: Test

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When I see the word, ‘Test’,I did not see it as a real challenge for my writing ability, but rather I consider it as a real opportunity to write about the multifaceted word ‘Test’

It provides an opportunity to have a test on my writing, but it does not contemplate any physical test stipulated by a physician, such as blood test, urine test, or motion test etc, because, the context does not arise since I am perfectly alright.

But when I come across the word ‘Test’ the foremost thing which comes to my mind is the one I am very passionate about since my teen days.I don’t want to put you more on suspense.It is cricket.

Cricket has of late two versions, the shorter, and longer.While 50 overs game and Twenty Twenty cricket are included in the shorter version of the game, Test cricket is the longer version of the game.

Test cricket is the traditional form of the game, played by cricket legends like W.G.Grace, Hobbs,Barry Richards,Don Bradman, Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar and a host of other players hailing from India, England, Australia, Sri Lanka, West Indes, South Africa and New Zealand.

Being traditional in format, the Test cricket is played for 5 days.Of the three formats of the game, Test cricket offers the real challenge for a cricket player.As a bowler, you have to show variety in your bowling in the Test cricket, as you are called upon to bowl more and more overs.If you are the strike bowler, the entire fielding team, repose more confidence in you.A bowler has more chances to take as many wickets as possible since he has a chance to bowl in two innings of the game.

Similarly, a batsman has a chance to sharpen his batting prowess and even to experiment or innovate his batting only in Test cricket, since he has a chance to bat twice in both innings of the game.There are umpteen number of batsmen like Sunil Gavaskar, who scored centuries in each innings of the game.Test innings also provide a chance especially for a batsman to score as many runs as possible.There are batsmen, like Brian Lara, Virender Sehwag and a host of other players who scored centuries, double or triple utilizing  test cricket.There are fine batsmen such as Boycott and G.R.Viswanath who showed to the whole cricket world how best you can defend your wicket spending as much time as possible at the crease.

With the emergence of 50 overs or T20 cricket, the shorter versions of the game, Test cricket is losing its charm and even in the danger of falling into disuse.Time is the constraint.While the shorter versions of the game are being played on a single day or in a couple of hours, test cricket offers real testing time for the cricket lovers.After all, the shorter versions of the game of cricket are result oriented, but the test cricket does not guarantee it.Who knows? The test cricket played between two best teams, may end in three days or full quota of five days.If it ends in three days, it means most probably, a team has an innings victory.If the test is played for five days,it may have a result or it may even meander towards a dull draw, notwithstanding the centuries scored by batsmen on both sides.Thus, we see, while the shorter versions of the game are result oriented, it is not the case with the test cricket.Hence people are gradually losing interest in the test cricket as reflected by the poor attendance for the test matches.Poor attendance means dwindling income from test cricket.

No doubt, ICC makes frantic attempts to save test cricket.It has suggested for the inclusion of the game in Olympics.Holding an international championship for test cricket is under active consideration of ICC and among the test playing countries.Reducing the number of days for a test cricket from five days into four days is another idea under active discussion.Holding the test cricket matches as day and night matches is yet another idea on the card to lure the crowd.The crux of the matter is since the test cricket match involves two innings to be played on both sides actually tests the patience of the cricket fans.They are no longer interested in witnessing the rock solid defense of a batsman, hours together.Especially after the advent of limited overs cricket, the cricket fans seem to be result oriented as quickly as possible.In fact, they are not ready to wait for five long days to see the result of a test match; nor they are willing or ready to avail leave for the sake of test matches.Hence, realizing the situation, the cricket administrators always schedule most of the test matches with the intervening holidays.Unfortunately, cricket fans choose to come to witness the matches only during the holidays, as proved by the statistics of their daily attendance.Above all, the live telecast of the test matches in the Television and also advanced recording facilities etc, virtually force them to witness the live test matches from their drawing room, with the ball by ball commentaries,expert comments etc, which are not available when they directly witness the match from the cricket stadium.Above all the proliferation of smartphones play a significant role in reducing the status of the test cricket.If any person with a smartphone can witness the test cricket live and now and then get the latest and updated score, why he should go all the way to the cricket stadium, stand in the queue and spend thousands of rupees to get a ticket?

For the reasons stated above,the test cricket is now enjoying a low profile, just because of the emergence of the limited overs cricket and due to the very advanced live telecast facilities arranged by our own cricket administrators.Despite all the disadvantages enjoyed by the test cricket, still, it is considered as the real cricket, with a long tradition of its own.Again it is the test cricket which strengthens the cricket playing techniques of a batsman or bowler and makes them quality players.In fact, a cricketer’s actual skill in the game of cricket is proved only through test cricket which is played in a natural and traditional way.Of course, there may be dull and monotonous moments while playing test cricket.But as Neville Cardus puts it, a dull moment in test cricket may get enlivened all of a sudden through a fine catch, or the fall of the wicket or through a whopping six.But the moot question is how long a cricket fan has to wait to see that momentous occasion?


Daily Prompt: Facade

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A facade of poverty.

It was 06.00 p.m.

Both Lakshmi and her companion Ram, after indulging in beggary all through the day, returned to their small hut. She switched on the only light in their hut. She spread a dirty cloth on the rugged floor. Lakshmi poured her day collection from her begging bowl on the cloth. But Ram hesitated for while.

‘Won’t you pour yours?’

‘Lakshmi, after counting your collection, I will show you mine.’

They classified the collection into rupee notes and coins at first. They also classified the rupee notes according to their value. Then they separated the coins likewise. When they counted the total collection, it was two hundred and sixty rupees.

‘Ok, now it is your turn. Show me your collection.’

When Ram poured the contents of his begging bowl, it was almost empty only with a few rupees and coins. When she counted them, it was just Rs 57.

‘Ram, what is this? Your collection has been very poor for the past one week.’

‘Of late, people have become so niggardly. They don’t have mercy for a blind beggar. But people believe in your disheveled hair, dirty face and worn out clothes. But they don’t believe in me. What to do?’

‘I think they suspect your blindness. You are not acting well like a real blind man. You are unfit to be a beggar. Even our combined income is not sufficient to meet our both ends. Since your daily collections are steadily dwindling, I have to revise our monthly budget. My income alone is not enough to run the family. We both eat in hotels. It consumes almost our entire income. How long can I feed you? Oh..no, you are useless. I no longer can live with you. Let us part our ways.’

‘Lakshmi, don’t forget the past. Just think over… When we began living together five years ago, you had no income at all for over a period of one month. It was I who fed you. I am your guru in this profession. You cannot simply ignore me.’

‘Did you feed me without any purpose? You needed me…’

‘Ok, I agreed….Let us wait for a month. I will change my location. Of late our profession has become highly competitive and overcrowded. Even educated people are coming in large numbers. Until they find a decent job, they choose our profession to earn part time.’

‘There is no use of speaking empty words. What you earn matters. I am still young and so I want to enjoy life. So, I take leave of you.’

‘You reckless bitch!’

Lakshmi did not mind those words. Lifting her luggage, she slipped into the darkness.

‘Marvelous. Your rehearsal is over. Both of you performed exceedingly well. I hope you will do well on the stage also. I am really proud of you. God bless you, my students.’

‘The credit should go to you madam, for writing this small play.’

Both Anitha and Swapna were proud of their teacher.



Daily Prompt: Unfinished

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The Unfinished Tasks

We, the human beings, achieve a lot in our lifetime.However, since our life is short,we leave many unfinished tasks during our death.For example, a man, as the head of a family, otherwise so successful during his lifetime, due to his sudden death leaves some unfinished tasks, such as, unresolved dispute over the immovable property that he recently purchased when he was alive, an unresolved matrimonial dispute of his married daughter,not performing the marriage of his son or daughter,etc.In fact, the sudden death of the head of the family, virtually creates a vacuum and the unfinished tasks that he leaves remain unfinished until somebody takes over them.Besides,the human beings are always ambitious or driven by passion.Hence, it is quite natural that they finish some of their tasks in their lifetime  and leave a few unfinished tasks too on their demise.In fact, the unfinished tasks left by a human being loom large over his death bed.

In a democratic country like India, a successful political party that comes to power, with an election manifesto that contains a series of tasks, invariably tries its best to fulfill its electoral promises made to the people, to be exact, the electorate, who voted them to power.A democratic government is by and large successful when the leadership is dynamic, farsighted and with a bundle of common sense and when the ruling party manages to get the co-operation of the opposition parties, in finishing their tasks.A party that promises a lot to come to power may not be able to fulfill all  of them and leaves many unfinished tasks when it  gets defeated in the next election and no longer holds power.Most of the unfinished tasks left by a previous government hang in balance since the alternative party that wins the election and comes to power virtually concentrates on its own poll promise made during the election.However,sometimes, if a task or scheme that is under progress is most popular, such as the noon meal scheme or  providing free  medical insurance to the people, or  a scheme under which old age pension is provided by the Government to the aged people, are being continued by the successive governments.

The concept of unfinished tasks equally applies to the writers, who are always ambitious and passionate about their cherished dream or profession called writing.Writing being a creative profession, requires tremendous hard work involving both reading and writing.Every writer strives his best to write as much as possible to leave his imprint on the writing world and to augment his income.In the process, a writer finishes many tasks during his lifetime and thereby publishes his books.Sometimes, some of the ideas or projects of a writer may get shelved due to his personal problems such as his inability due to his old age, failing health and time constraints.Hence, a writer is forced to leave some of his projects unfinished.For example, R.K.Narayan, an acclaimed Indian writer, in his last days, actually had some ideas of writing a memoir, when he was staying in the house of his granddaughter.However, due to his failing health, R.K.Narayan could not finish his project and he died leaving that project unfinished.

Therefore, to minimize the unfinished tasks in our lifetime and to avoid the mental stress that emanates from the unfinished tasks, we may need to have proper planning, besides strictly following the time management techniques.


Daily Prompt: Dilemma

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I had been in dilemma five years ago for the following reason:One of my close friend had fixed his marriage on 22/09/2011, at Villupuram,between 0430 and 0600 a.m.However, one of my close relatives, on my wife side, had fixed his daughter’s marriage at the same time in Chennai, some 160 k.m away from Villupuram.Both had invited me in person for their respective marriage.I was terribly in dilemma on that day as to whose marriage that I had to attend.I had no other go but to choose between the two.Since, one of them was a close  relative marriage that too on my wife side, I preferred to attend the marriage in Chennai, accompanied by my wife.However, I wished my  friend over phone and sent him my costly presentation through my another close friend..

On returning from Chennai after attending my relative marriage, I was terribly shocked to know that my friend did not accept the presentation sent through my friend.I immediately tried to speak with him over phone and just to enquire about his marriage.But he did not answer.I also tried to contact him in person.He did not respond.I was terribly upset.I pitied my friend for his immaturity and for his adamant attitude.It seemed that he severed my friendship unilaterally.Immediately after the marriage, he was transfered to Chennai.He went to Chennai without informing me.But I could not digest his indifference shown towards me.The loss of his friendship has been haunting me for the past five years.

Today is his 5 th marriage anniversary day.I heard that my friend had got promoted to a powerful position, immediately after his marriage.I also came to know that a male child was born to him most recently.Hence, I tried to contact him over phone.

He was on the line.

‘Hello, my dear friend, I am Ram from Villupuram.Happy marriage anniversary, many more returns of the day!’

‘I am sorry, wrong number.’

He disconnected his phone immediately.I  was terribly upset.

Just because, I was in dilemma, I could not attend his marriage.It led to the loss of his friendship.What an irony!I can not even now digest it..


Daily Prompt: Stylish

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If you are smart, fashionable and looking elegant, then you are stylish,which is one of the root causes for blooming love among human beings, regardless of your age.Who knows, even if you are in your late 50s, there is every likelyhood, some beautiful damsel in her 20s may have a liking for you.Don’t you know, Salman Rushdie in his late 50s, when he was at the acme, I think when he won the Men Booker Prize, fell in love with Padmalakshmi, the ace model, who was in her 30s and they had been together for sometime.But very soon they got separated too.Of course, Padmalakshmi, being a model was stylish.However, to court a friendship or to attract such personalities, basically you must be stylish which is the basic personality trait that is required, but it also requires something more than that, perhaps that emanates from your extraneous qualities,your ab your ability to learn and your ability to earn and to say the least, you must be status conscious with the ability to boost up your economic and social status.

Being stylish in your personality alone will not do.If you are a writer, You must have your own style in writing.To establish yourself as a writer, you must develop a style of your own, what they call ‘voice’ in the writing world.But it is not easy. To develop or evolve a style of your own, it may take time, perhaps, years.Until then, you have to strive hard to embrace your style.Literary genuises such as Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, William Faulkner, Tagore, Rudyard Kipling, Stephen Fleming and a lot of other writers, had developed their own style of writing, after years of perseverance and hardwork, true to the dictum, “Genius is 99 % hardwork and 1 % luck.”

Daily Prompt: Silence

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Wooing Silence

It was 0500 p.m.

Even after the arrival of Dhanush, Kanishka refused to speak with him.They were silent for a few minutes.It was Kanishka who broke the silence.

‘Dhanush!… Hello, Dhanush, can you hear me? ..I asked you to meet me at 0400 p.m. But you are too lethargic.This is just our second meeting.Though we love each other,I know very little about you….Thats why I wanted to meet you….I have been waiting here for over an hour.Won’t you say even a hello?”Kanishka was very tense.

‘Hello, Kanishka! I am sorry, I am late.’

Kanishka looked at him rather angrily.Dhanush could not face her, but simply turned his face sideways and again relapsed into silence.They were sitting facing each other under a neem tree.It was very cool and breezy.

‘Dhanush, do you know why did I fall in love with you?’


‘Dhanush, come on, tell me,… do you know why I am loving you?’

‘Sorry, I don’t know.’

‘It is your silence; I mean your calm demeanor… and you being a man of few words…attracted me  towards you…’

Dhanush simply grinned.

‘Don’t you have any opinion on what I told you?’

‘I am really glad to know that  you love me for what I am.!’

‘Dhanush, thanks for endorsing my view… Won’t you tell me, how did you fall in love with me?…Is it my beauty? …Is it my  open mindedness?… Is it my style, grace or dressing sense?… or is it because that I look a little bit sexy?’

‘No.. No..It is none of them.’

‘Come on just tell me what made you to fall in love with me?’

‘I am afraid that you may be mistaken …You may even get angry if I tell you.’

‘Dhanush, I won’t. … after all you are my love…You are my darling..Definitely I won’t get angry… Please … Please… Please … Tell me … Tell me Dhanush…’


‘Danush…Come on .. tell me… I can’t  wait for your suspense anymore.’

‘I love you because you are more talkative than others.’

Kanishaka was stunned….After a while,again it was Kanishka who broke the silence.

‘Dhanush, I can’t really understand.You are mostly silent…But I am always talkative.How  our personalities will sync?’

‘That’s what I have been doing for the past half an hour.To say the least, whenever you remain talkative, I am wont to remain silent as ever.That’s how our personalities will sync… that’s how our love will thrive.Is that clear?’

‘My goodness !! Is it Dhanush ? You have almost given a lecture on our love.Congrats!’ Kanishka shook his hands firmly.Going a step further, she moved very close to him and looked into his eyes deeply.